I'm baking chocolate chip cookies, although it is a very strange time to do that

Also I used 50g of manually grated milk chocolate instead of 200g of dark chocolate drops (because I didn't have chocolate drops and also because I got tired of grating chocolate after 50g)


Okay, taste test complete, I think you can only call them "chocolate chip" cookies if you otherwise believe in homeopathy because 50g is basically a trace amount

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@Gargron haha the chocolate is the best part! Why wouldn't you use more silyl

@Gargron I reallly like my chocolate chip cookies with extra choccy chip but very little sugar in the actual cookies.
Makes them very yummy...

@ocean @Gargron I prefer chocolate chip without the cookie!!

@Gargron the best way to get chocolate into cookies is to roughly chop it with a knife. it is usually a pretty quick process in my experience.

@Gargron they still sound pretty good, I love chocolate chip cookies

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