Just to reiterate in relation to Gab getting hacked, I’m not aware of any vulnerabilities in Mastodon at the moment and based on what I have seen in their code modifications the vulnerabilities they have are the ones they themselves introduced (along with never porting security patches from us)

@Gargron Nazis and incompetence always goes hand in hand with.

@mcevnon I hate myself for saying this but from what I know they were quite competent and efficient back in the day. Unfortunately.

@vifon Form what I've heard is at least partial a myth.

Also maybe just maybe... the would won that damn war?

@mcevnon Twiter has far far more “awful” people in general (only allowed if you have the left wing seal of approval). I was just checking this gab thing and I couldn’t find anything alarming… but I’m sure there is, after all it is the human condition, there always be bad/evil people. I think we should accept that “political correctness” is hurting our civilization more than anything else. -> Freedom, we should not accept censorship from anyone, specially not from billionaire corporations.

@gerowen @mcevnon @Gargron Sounds more funny than it is serious. I deleted my twiter account because it is extremely political and full of people spreading violence, death threats, hate and such (all with Twitter holy approval)

I'll take incompetent nazis over competant ones any day of the week, thanks.

@mcevnon @Gargron and silicon valley, don't forget silicon valley.

@Gargron The vulnerabilities they introduced are just amazingly bad as well. Just stunning incompetence.

I mean, if they were smart they wouldn't be nazis, but still, stunning.

@Gargron I was not aware Gab was Mastodon. Is it federated or did they just use it as a jumping off point to make their own thing?

@gerowen @Gargron both, it supports the activitypub protocol as many other mastodon forks do, but introducing its own code.

But it's widely blocked by the og instances so you will not see gab users going around the Fediverse.

@gerowen from what I've heard, gab has stopped federating with anyone for some time now.

@critical See I didn't even know Gab was a thing until just recently, so I'm still learning about it.

@Gargron Remember, they're not bugs. They're Freedom Features.

@Gargron Are you in touch with @conservancy or other free software organizations about Gab violating AGPL by taking their Git repo down yesterday? (Arguably the violation goes further than that because they've not even been linking to that repo from their main site.)



Would you mind giving a heads up should you be able to point out the introduced vulnerabilities?

#Mastodon #Gab

@Gargron I feel like auditing Mastodon, Misskey and Pleroma wouldn't hurt.
But damn, Gab apparently got hit with 20 year old SQL injection vulnerabilities.
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