Where do you keep your backups?

@tbm Depending on what you mean by inhouse, would that not fall under offline?

@Gargron true. I tough of old school tapes in a vault. What I like about in-house is the idea that I could run my services or check for older data regardless of the overall network and actual provider status (e.g. bankruptcy or other reasons for suddenly going out of business). In practice… well… it’s maybe a security issue if the encryption is not handled properly. ;-)

@Gargron it's not really a backup unless it's in multiple universes and timelines

@Gargron thanks for actually letting me vote "all of the above"
@Gargron different machine at home and weekly offline backup of that machine on a external backup HDD

@Gargron does my house count as a data center (i back up my server, which is in a data center, to a computer in my house, which is obviously not anywhere near the data center)

@Gargron I just voted for ALL the options... wonder if you have allowed for people to do that :)

@lauraritchie @Gargron Sounds like a totally reasonable thing to me. If you're running anything at all important, checking all those options is absolutely the correct answer.

@Gargron I keep the essential backups on my phone using Resilio Sync. Is my phone considered another machine or offline? 🤔

@Gargron actually... I backup on 12 social media platforms... Wordpress and Blogspot... then when i want to find my pictures or words I use google image search - keyword gvan42... I especially want to be able to find my drawings and potatoshop creations so... I give every picture a long title describing what the content is in plain English and include my name and my brand... location of travel photos - date -who I was with - who is in the picture... Is that "BACKUP?"

@Gargron i just try to remember all the data on my computer

@Gargron I should point out that my client doesn’t show polls so I had no idea this was, in fact, a poll.

The point still stands, though.

@Gargron how do people keep backup data on-site? boggles my mind when I think of all the natural disasters you want to protect against (flood, fire, earthquake) not to mention robbery, vandalism, and more.

Of course, if you need instant access to the data I COULD see on-site, so long as you're also using off site for redundancy.

@Gargron I wonder how can someone keep their backups safe if it's on the same machine. The machine can crash anytime with your drives go boom!

In clouds, likeTresorit, Mega, Koofr, even Dropbox, Box, GDrive, OneDrive. But I upload sensitive data encrypted.

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