There's a lot of shilling for cryptoart isn't there. I legit just saw someone say "it's the most direct way to support artists without a middleman". Bro just paypal them money not even like they can claim "but transaction fees" because crypto has that too... and of course the electrical costs...

@Gargron The very mention of crypto in this context sets my bullshit alarms clanging so loud I can't hear myself think.

When all you have is a blockchain, everything looks like a nail.

@Gargron but PayPal will get a cut. And they're also known for removing access to accounts that they don't like without notice.

I'm not saying cryptocurrencies are the answer, but PayPal is _definitely_ not it.

@mariusor @Gargron I am the person whose account was closed by paypal without any reason

@mariusor @Gargron And they kept my money blocked for almost a year also for no reason (but according to their "rules")

@gargron People who missed the boat on Bitcoin are desperate to generate a new gold rush they can get in on at the ground floor.

@Gargron But how will we create a meme economy without NFT's?

@Gargron good lord.

I will also happily give people my bank details to send me money.

I will also accept envelopes full of cash.

This whole thing is such a crock of shit.

@Gargron Seriously. I mean, fuck PayPal for plenty of reasons - user hostility, they get a cut, etc. But from a purely practical standpoint, if I'm an artist I'll take the $18 usd rather than $20 usd in ethereum.

@norm @gargron

I live in a country where the people not only stubbornly refused to have anything to do with the Eurozone but voted to leave EU altogether; PayPal is now the "least hassle" option for sending money in Euros or any other foreign currency (if I use anything else the banks charge a larger fee)

@Gargron you would have a point if paypal and banking "infrastructure" wasn't so notoriously censorious

@Gargron Especially dumb given just how many middlemen there actually are if you try to create an NFT and get some real money out.

NFTs are a pretty cool thing but can surely be improved. There are a lot of myths around them too. Artists should learn about blockchains before hopping onto that or panicking.

@tuneintodetuned They are in no way whatsoever a "pretty cool thing". They are massively ecologically destructive, while also being a massive scam driven by cryptocurrency fraudsters.

Nothing about them is good. The only thing you should learn about blockchain is that they are, in every single case, a bad idea and something you should stay away from and actively oppose whenever you can.

Just answered a moment ago and the toot didn't go through nor get saved in drafts.
So this is a test toot to see if this second time it reaches you.

Ok! So basically, not sure if you've bothered doing the numbers yourself. If you haven't yet please do so taking into account at least the differences between proof of work and proof of stake consensus protocols and the amount of transactions that usually fit into a block at whatever time you decide to check that out. The controversial articles related to this issue aren't.

Granted Bitcoin isn't going the right path though. It's now even at risk of falling towards centralization.

Regarding NFTs that have been around for a few years already and are now just getting more popular for more wrong than good reasons, I'd say the same stuff I'd tell anyone buying stuff online with their credit card:
Don't waste money on dumb virtual items and if you ever do always make sure you're buying from the right seller and taking the needed precautions to secure your funds.

@gargron "But NFTs aren't fiat currency"

They're the crypto version of "Thots and Prayers"

Non-Financial Thots.

I only recently heard of NFTs and I wish I hadn't.

@Gargron as someone in the bird app said, the high end art market is often just a way for people to launder money.

You could class PayPal as a middleman, but then so are all the "miners" that power the blockchain....

@Gargron every pump has its craze that's really good at separating people from their Bitcoin

@Gargron Yeahno, it's just a crypto equivalent of fine art marketplace, where few speculants will get rich and small artists will only lose money trying to get into it (with bonus art theft, which is already happening)

@Gargron I lost my shorts on the first big Bitcoin bubble, and yeah, it's all hype and no practical application other than cheap long distance money transfers. For supporting artists, use Librepay. For getting your music out there without unreasonable middlemen, Bandcamp. I can't say what the equivalent is for visual artists though

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