New patron-only post, a first look at the onboarding flow in the official Mastodon iOS app

@ButterflyOfFire @Gargron u can use VPN. For some reason Patreon is not available in Algeria

@Gargron Cool. I wasn’t sure if it was on TestFlight or something like that. Will the app also be open source?

@Gargron This is probably asked many times, but I still I would like know.

Why not Android first?

- Larger user base
- Runs also on cheaper phones

@pinkprius Yes, but also for iOS. I think the reason @Gargron started this, is to have a Mastodon app in the app-store, cause it seems people are confused not to find an official app.

@pinkprius Well it seems iOS users are very happy with Mast and Toot!.

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