What was your first Windows?

My first PC was a pass-me-down gift from my aunt and it was just Norton Commander with a bunch of games pre-installed on it, I don't even know what OS it was because at the time I thought Norton Commander was the OS.

Making another version of this poll where the answers are "I'm old", "I'm a millenial" and "I'm baby"

Which Windows was the best one?

@FunkyBob @Gargron it's fine, us DOS & Windows 3.0 users should be retiring from the internet by now ;-)

@aphyr @FunkyBob @Gargron yeah, 3.1 was my first Windows, but that's because I count DOS as a distinct thing.

@Gargron @gudenau Actually, they were different ones. Windows Me was an update of Windows 98.

Windows 2000 came from the NT branch, that became the Windows XP. I used the 2000 for a really long time and it was a great SO. But Windows ME had it's problems.

@brunofontes @Gargron I thought they where different. Didn't remember with 2K was NT but I knew ME wasn't.

@Gargron you know there are people who started using vista, right

@Gargron You forgot to list a bunch of them, my first was 3.11

@cwebber @Gargron Mine was actually 1.0, I think, though I barely remember it and mostly used MS-DOS. We went from 3.3 to 5.0 to 6.0 to 6.22; it seemed like everyone skipped 4.0 except the office where my dad worked.

@cwebber @Gargron My Windows version history was ... 1.0(?), 3.1, 3.11, NT. After that came college and Linux.

My greatest feat of Windows legerdemain was right at the end, when I made a Visual Basic program with no graphical user interface. It just listened to commands over the network and gave me remote control over starting and stopping programs. I had an annoying roommate who would leave (very bad) music playing while he wasn't even in the room, you see....

There were three or four different places you could leave a command to run at startup, including something buried deep within the Windows Registry. My Visual-Basic-without-a-graphical-user-interface program would search all of them and re-insert itself if it had been removed from any of them.

@cwebber @Gargron Ah, yes, 3.1 for me too, though I have already voted "95".

@Gargron It might of been XP but honestly I don't remember. I have more vivid memories with 7. .

@TheGibson @Gargron I just assumed he meant windows as an operating system as opposed to a desktop environment running on DOS.

@Gargron Windows 3.1, before I understood what computers really could do. What a weird and wonderful time that was

@cypnk @Gargron this is why limiting polls to 4 choices is wrong :trollface:

@cypnk @Gargron The smart ass in me wants to say Xerox Alto (the first Windowing OS) but the thing was *way* before my time.

PS. It's all discrete logic chips, there is no CPU.

@Gargron Does Windows 3.1 count? Oh well, maybe it's not really Windows 😝

@snowdusk @Gargron It was Windows... but it's actually a shell for DOS. Win95 was the point where you didn't need a separate DOS installation (despite being DOS based.)

@Gargron My first was Windows 3.1, so I'm already feeling pretty old.

@malin @Gargron Oh, FML. I voted for 98 (actually 98SE) because I completely forgot Windows 3.1. I spent much more of my time on the DOS 5.0 side of that machine. XD

@polychrome It was where all the games were!

Although I discovered some of them could actually be run from either side. IIRC Castle of the Winds 2 was one of them. But mostly I only remember Windows having Solitaire and MS Paintbrush.

@bluestarultor @malin @Gargron

I stop using windows 20 years ago, I use linuxmint and ubuntu , it is free and need no antivirus.

@active Not everyone has the time or patience to deal with *NIX. I'm a programmer both at work (*NIX) and at home (Windows). The tools I use for game dev and my own enjoyment, some of which have existed since Windows 98, run on Windows. I have a workflow.

Sliding into mentions off-topic to extol the virtues of using software you like is not the way to spread the love. Nobody was looking for a solution to a problem. We were waxing nostalgic. Please be considerate. :)

@bluestarultor Some linux os have wine to run windows programs, ex: Ubunto, Linux Mint, and more.

@malin @Gargron Windows 3.1 here as well. I heard they are getting me a nursing home room soon.

@Gargron Windows XP for me, because I can practically do anything with it. LOLs.

@gargron I picked 7, but 3.11 is a close second - it was oddly adorable. I think it's the pixel art.

@polychrome @Gargron The pixel art in the Windows 3.X series was done by Susan Kare, a legend in early icon design. She also did the early Macintosh pixel art.

@Gargron No love for Windows 2000? I heard it was one of the more stable Windows versions ever made...


Stopped using Windows around XP-Vista period

having using all of the versions before that, would honestly say spent the least amount of time trouble shooting Milenial Edition .

@Gargron None of the above.
In the early '90s, I was the "resident geek" in an all-Mac design studio; part of my job involved using our single Windows NT box to convert WordPervert and Corel Draw files into formats we could use in Illustrator, PageMaker, and QuarkXPress. Windows was the work of Satan.

Everything Microsoft ever made was a rotten 3rd-rate rip-off of something else far better.

@Gargron All the designers in our studio used to laugh ourselves silly at Corel Draw. What a piece of crap.

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