Can’t get a TestFlight of the app going until I get an Apple developer account, can’t get that until I get a DUNS number, can’t get that until Mastodon is in the company registry, and that is asking for more paperwork 😩

@Gargron American systems come heavily wrapped in red tape. Millionaire Billionaire club has figured out how to navigate masterfully around it. As will you;)

But seriously you sound like you are very behind on the trend.
Millionaire billionaire club, seriously. Does that even still exist.

@grishka I don’t want to publish the app under my own name, I want it to be “by Mastodon”. Of course I could do it temporarily but that’s $99 for a temporary solution. I guess I’ll just wait.

Eugen, does Apple require you to use your legal name as your developer name? Because Google doesn't, you can put an arbitrary string in there basically 🤔

@Gargron I’ve been through the dance a few times. Give a shout if you want to talk through any of the submission madness.

@Gargron If it makes you feel any better, using Mastodon on mobile in browser works like a charm 👍

@Gargron Stripe Atlas often considered the easiest way to start LLC

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