“How Apple screwed Facebook - Apple’s iOS 14.5 update has triggered an unstoppable collapse in Facebook’s ability to collect user data”


@Gargron All-in-all a great read.

Facebook's argument is so fucking weak
"Think of the small businesses"
Somehow Small Businesses survived just fine before facebook existed and they will just fine after Facebook closes it's doors too.
Like, seriously get real

ATT is a good move but I wish Apple would just do the real right thing and ban facebook from the app store.

@Gargron And if Facebook can't survive without harvesting and selling user data than perhaps we don't need facebook lol

@ocean @Gargron

I'd love to hear from some of these "small businesses" that are suffering because they can't target brains via Facebook ads. 🧐

@carcinopithecus @Gargron Tim Cook said it himself in one of Apple's videos but like:

Software existed for decades and decades without collecting user data, they don't need to do so now to survive. Even more so on Apple's platforms. Apple users tend to have no problem paying for software lol
(myself included)

@ocean @Gargron Funny enough, an embarrassing chunk of users promote their small businesses through Facebook Marketplace, an entirely different purpose platform, in my region. In fact, my mother has bought plenty of stuff from there over the past few years, and the platform gets no revenue at all from users publicizing their businesses there. Heck, I tried to report those "items" for a few months and Facebook barely gave a damn about those reports 😂

@Gargron Thanks to this I am one step away from being able to remove the Facebook SDK entirely from my day job app, and it makes me so happy.

Generally I'm not a huge Apple fan, underated hardware overpriced with built-in heavy censorship, but when one of my favorite hated corporations goes after another it kind of turns into the Enemy of your enemy is your friend kind of deal.

@Gargron possibly the best news so far this year, but another ten years before they are gone... oh well I guess that's ten years of laughing at suckerberg!

@Gargron good for apple, so far as that goes. Hopefully we continue to see laws enacted making this stuff mandatory so that we don’t have to rely on one company’s desire for good pr.

@Gargron all Facebook has to do is monetize and abolish extinguish advertiser motivated tracking. How much per year would I have to pay to use the service to lose the bad shit?

@trevdev @Gargron Unfortunately people's data is worth orders of magnitude more than anyone would be willing to pay for a subscription.

Having access to everything about someone's entire life is worth $100s per month by the time you factor in all the revenue from all surveillance companies that are buying your data.

@TheRealClay @Gargron if you can show me real data about how this is true I would very much like to look at it.

@trevdev @Gargron

According to this article revenue is $868 yearly per household of 4, but that doesn't account for secret government agencies paying for the data, and before Snowden I would have been laughed at for saying that kind "conspiracy" thing, and until Snowden I constantly *was*.

@Gargron “Screwed” implies that Apple did something wrong, but if I had a nickel for every crap headline I’d have retired to a beach house in Malibu.

@Gargron What *terrible* framing for this article, though.

@Gargron first time I am jealous of Apple users ever. This inspires me to try the #lineageos + #fdroid life again.

@critical @Gargron Got a Samsung in new job. Don't want to trip the knox (Samsung security policy stuff). Trying to get internal IT to offer fairphone, but they get phones from a mobile ISP "as a service", and Telia Norway does not have fairphone in their lineup.

I'm tempted to buy a lineage os official supported phone. I don't think I'm allowed to sell the phone that i got from work. So then i end up just making more e-waste by buying another phone..

@fyksen @Gargron I'm not, I don't need their protection, simply do not install apps from reputably questionable sources like Farcebook.

@nanook @Gargron must be nice. Most people in Norway communicate over Facebook messenger and Snapchat. And to much of the public debate happens on Facebook. Also, my track and field club have training sign up on Facebook.

Matrix bridge to messenger solves the messaging part, but still need Facebook to be part of some communities.

@fyksen @Gargron You can't have "debate" on Facebook because the partly Fuckerberg doesn't endorse isn't allowed to exhibit their side of the argument. I'm currently on a 30 day facebook jail for doing so. It was this bullshit that lead me to start If you want sane policy then you need OPEN debates with uncensored input from all sides, that is NOT going to happen on Farcebook, Twatter, or ScrewYouTube.

@fyksen @Gargron the lineage and fdroid life is a good one. I live it every day

@Gargron they've finally done something good after 45 years of existence on this planet we call Earth

When you consider user consent an existential threat to your business model, you have a shitty business model.

@Gargron great to see those kinds of opt out rates. Facebook is finally getting the rug pulled from under it. Now all the practices they swept under that rug will be exposed again.

@Gargron "screwed" ? No, they have fixed and firbidden this continuous tracking of everything by f***book.

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