On-device voice recognition is a game changer. Will finally be able to use it...

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@Gargron Yes, but Apple can't prove it to you like Android with automatic subtitles

@farshidhakimy I'm pretty sure it will be able to prove it to me when I'm outside without mobile data and Siri still works

@Gargron That doesn't mean that you know the audio won't get uploaded when you have internet access

Keiner von Denen (Farshid H.), what's the point in saving and uploading it later after it's already been recognized locally?

@Gargron Translations looks like a pretty useful thing for Mastodon apps as well. Although I don't know if it will work without talking to their servers.

Just such a shame that the Snips on-device voice recognition thingy was bought out and shut down!

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