Just opened a bottle of hoisin sauce for 1 tbsp. Looking forward to throwing the rest out in 2 years.

@Gargron @Thomas I need *some* gochujang and anchovy paste and cornichons and adobo sauce, but do I need all of them (no)

@Louisa @Thomas I gotta come clean I meant in general. I have no idea what hoisin is and I don't use any of the above either

@Gargron @Louisa @Thomas It's the sauce that duck pancakes often come with. So I would recommend anyone to just dip whatever they have into it.


@diffractie @Louisa @Thomas They make pancakes out of ducks? That's messed up

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@Gargron @diffractie @Louisa I always think of it as like a stir fry sauce, but like, I think just a sweet Chinese sauce in general. I used it to glaze salmon

@Thomas @Gargron @diffractie @Louisa yeah the first place I encountered it was Peking duck, which if you haven't had it is basically Chinese fajitas. Marinated roast duck, with scallions and hoisin sauce, served with rice crepes and you roll it into little tacos. At one point we got a roast duck from a local Chinese market, stir fried it with onion and hoisin, and served it on fresh tortillas from the taqueria. It whipped ass

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