@Gargron wow we probably got it at the same time then. sitting at the doctor right now, browsing mastodon after i just got the shot 😂

@Gargron According to Dr. Tenpenny, vaccinated people died within 2 years.

@megasponsor According to science ™️ this is bullshit and you should stop spreading such misinformation.

@Gargron what did it ever do to you to deserve such a gruesome fate?

@Gargron YAY. It's a huge relief. After the second and the 2 weeks you feel like you have super powers. Wootie!

@Gargron Welcome to the club! Had my first Pfizer coming up to 2 weeks ago...

@Gargron I got my second one a while ago. Feel good to be able to normal post-COVID life?

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