It's possible that is experiencing a bit more action than it has for a while, I'm seeing a more or less consistent 480 req/s of traffic

We need like, 2-3 weeks more to get the official iOS app on the App Store. I really wish it'd be ready right now 😅

@Gargron Twitter pulled some bullshit earlier and there’s a flood of “try Mastodon instead” going around my social circles.

@lilithsaintcrow @Gargron

Yeah they nuked the chronological timeline on the hellbird.

@thegibson It takes a lot of effort and planning for hellsite to consistently choose the worst, most insulting, and most offensive-to-their-users “solution” to any “problem.”

But…they manage, every single time.



If the timeline is not chronological, can’t really be a timeline… more of a shitline.


@thegibson Easier to spread misinformation, harvest personal information, and juggle “engagement” numbers in order to soak & scam their ad customers with a non-chronological view. @Gargron

@lilithsaintcrow @thegibson @Gargron Apparently they are A/B testing the lack of it. If you complain in your timeline, it might come back.

It disappeared on mine and closed the site, came back later and it returned.

"Home" on Twitter is the worst timeline.

@GeoffWozniak They’re now doing damage control calling it a “mistake” and “miscommunication.” I remain unconvinced. @thegibson @Gargron

@lilithsaintcrow @thegibson "We're sorry you were upset by our actions. The beatings will continue until morale improves."

@GeoffWozniak @lilithsaintcrow @thegibson @Gargron Couldn't that just be simplified to "Twitter is the worst timeline." ?

@nomad @lilithsaintcrow @thegibson @Gargron Using "Latest Tweets" and with a carefully curated set of follows, it's not a total disaster.

@nomad It’s a trashfire even with block lists and other apps to help keep the bad bits out. There’s a reason I spend most of my time in the fedi. @GeoffWozniak @thegibson @Gargron

@Gargron yeah, looks like another round of people dissatisfied with some sort of change on twitter.

@kepstin @Gargron Yeah Twitter seems to have temporarily removed the option to sort posts purely chronologically on the web interface for many people, which even after it's restored is a reminder to folks how much of their Twitter experience is outside of their control . . .

@Gargron twitter is trying to get rid of chronological timelines, so a lot of people are upset about that

@Gargron No problem, Twitters actions will send more waves of disappointed users from time to time.

"possible" is the chance of being hitted by a thunder during a rainstorm.

This is a reality.

Someone probably has a bug in their ActivityPub thing. Been there, done that (sorry)

@Gargron It's cold in Brazil and Brazilians don't stop complaining about it. That's why.

@Gargron It seems to have got to the point where many images aren't loading?

@dheadshot Yes, sorry about that. Logrotate didn't restart a process properly so it held on to a file descriptor of a very large file that ate all the disk space

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