Thanks to the generous help of the previous owner of the mastodon username on GitHub, our GitHub organization has finally been renamed to mastodon! 🎉

I know that changing the repository URL is a bother but I think it’s worth it and better done sooner than later. Tootsuite was not serious and had no connection to our actual name.


Also since Mastodon gGmbH is a real legal entity now and I am its CEO I am actually the CEO of Mastodon now. Sorry for ruining the jokes.

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@Gargron **secretly Eugen also manages the Mastodon band :blobcatgiggle:

@stux @Gargron Eugen built the whole thing and before that it was an organization or club. At GMBH with organization, the whole thing looks very different from a legal person. Also in the contracts. It starts with the fact that several people are part of your undertaking and you are contractually involved and even have to. If you are stuck in the system as a CEO, the CEO is not exactly willing to push through everything. Everything is more difficult and more checked

@Gargron nice to meet you CEO of Mastodon i am the CEO of Tlapkov


guess that means you'll be a billionaire astronaut sooner rather than later.

@Gargron I had this note since notes were added....

don't ask about owo part, I'm confused too, probably was a test

Thanks for that, You make a good mgmt.
Ich habe keine Ahnung, aber es erscheint gut.

@Gargron hell yeah! Now you need a donations portal so people can make tax deductible donations =]

@Thann Yeah, I'll need to work on that soon -- though I expect people will remain more motivated by Patreon rewards (which unfortunately make them non-donations tax-wise)

@Gargron I was working with someone on making an open source Patreon-style site for tax-deductible donations, but I haven't made any headway =[
I think a stand-alone white-lableable donations site would be great for your purposes now tho

@Gargron I was also thinking of someway to help other instances pay for servertime, perhaps instance owners can apply to get a monthly cheque? What do you think of that?

@Gargron Just give me an IBAN to send donations to, no need for men in the middle who take a cut.



I think betterplace makes this easier when you're a nonprofit under German law:

They automatically send donors a Spendenbescheinigung.


@Gargron @Thann
*me* waves in unrewarded LiberaPay donations, so much about that

@Thann @schmittlauch I don't think LiberaPay charges you because I'm not actually accepting donations through LiberaPay

@Gargron @Thann Indeed in 2020 I was still giving money to chrismartin for Mastodon.
Shall I cancel my subscription there then?

@Gargron I didn't know you started a company! Sounds like a good idea though!

Its so criminal lawsuits can't be filed against him, that could ultimately rally the base to support things like #uploadFilters, #Fakebook style AI to boost "#authoritarian (-we mean #authoratative) sources", and #googleSafeBrowsing-style, #telemetry.

So we don't need more eyeballs on the code, in the form of local FeatureBounties and #BugBounties. Like what we produced as part of our (#)FediFlyer.


@Gargron this but s/Ethan/Eugen
Legit though, I'm happy to see Mastodon continue to grow and be successful!

New to it... good job.
Using Tusky.

Only comment I have, is make the install completely in app & idiot proof. No thinking by new user, no jumping to web site... just point & click.

You are the only alternative I found to twitter...
And I think I am talking to a future billionaire...

Your revenue models could be very subtle & interesting.

Well done so far 🖒

@Gargron What kind of organization will be? A for-profit organization... a non-profit organization? Where is the manifesto of this new organization? Now, I became curious and need more details.

@rmotao gGmbH means non-profit LLC. The manifesto should be available on the German company register if I understand correctly.

@Gargron Could you look at this when have some time and share with us? I think this is a important thing that Mastodon users should know.

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