I need to figure out which accounts (with permission) to feature in the App Store screenshots and I'm not even sure where to begin...

@Gargron make a list of those you would like to have. Assign numbers. Roll dice. Ask for permission. repeat until enough are selected

@Aleums Getting one of those "Where is Angus" in the screenshot would be cool

@CyclopsCaveman @gargron gotta let the people know what they're getting themselves into

@Gargron I am aware that I am not a candidate anyhow. But of course I wouldn't mind. Posts are public and CC after all.

@Gargron Scroll through the servers listed on and ask each admin for a suggestion from their server?

People from were important for me to see that Mastodon is not just for geeks. Featuring an artist's account might be important for others too.

And, of course, cat pics? @catstar ?


biggest name to embrace the fedi so far afaik. besides @adam, who is trying to snag Rogan. are there others?

@Gargron you can feature me :) I'd be honored to be selected.

@aarongarcia Even if I wanted to feature you I could not do that with a fake verified mark in your display name

@Gargron technically I designed the checkmark. Up to you if you want to feature me. The meaning behind this checkmark is that mainstream social media didn't verify me, so I verified myself.

@Gargron I'll remove it if it's your condition to be featured. I had my fun with it. It was nice to see it there for a bit.

@aarongarcia No, it's fine. I already got profile screenshots. I just wanted to let you know.

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