Do you think it would be helpful if you could select which rule you think a post/account has violated when making a report instead of having to type it out by hand?

@Gargron Only if the free-text field remains, for explaining why e.g. a certain symbol is antisemitic.

@Gargron If the list of rules is unambiguous with an additional: Other. Also should have an Additional Note to add context with the report.

@Gargron This would definitely streamline reports! It would be a great addition.

@Gargron I'm going to be the only maybe here for shits and giggles

@Gargron where would you get the rules from? Would admins have to enter all the bits of our terms of service into different text boxes so a user could pick bits?
What if the user is on a remote instance? Which list do you allow to pick from, or both?

Regardless you will always need a "not listed" option.

@Gargron Yes, plus an 'Other' option for typing a reason that is "none of the above."

@Gargron yes but as others have mentioned leaving an "other" spot & "explanation" spot for writing details would help too.

@Gargron Yes. And would you mind improving content moderation on Because it's pretty bad.

@Gargron My server's rules are defined as guidelines written in friendly language and are not strict enough to be an option for violating them.

I do not want to use this as an option for reporting.

For reporting, I want to define more specific categories of violations, so I want to define them in a different definition than the server rules.

@Gargron Maybe if you could add text too to justify your interpretation?

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