If you had to use a simple, verb-centric sentence to describe Mastodon, what would it be?

For example, TikTok's tagline is "Share your best videos". Twitch's is "Watch your favourite streams". Mastodon's?

@Gargron From my perspective, this is what mastodon is. a social medium to connect with like minded people, knowing that if there are toxic people, they can be fenced off from me, without giving up entirely.
It also helps that mastodon is so customizable and flexible.
Mastodon promotes a healthier (than the alternatives) interaction with social.
And it doesn't shove ads down your throat, or track your every move.
It's my way to connect with others, on my terms.

@xorowl @Gargron I rather much like connecting with people unlike me otherwise my social circle tends to get quite insular. It's good to get diverse opinions if shared respectably.

@Gargron "Here is a pic of my cat, also here is a pic of me as a catboy"

@spla Obvious doesn't mean bad, but "posts" is too vague, every app has posts. "Share your thoughts", but is it a note taking app? "Share your thoughts with the world", closer to reality as a publishing platform.

@Gargron my first thinking was "Share your thoughts"

@Gargron @spla "Share your thoughts in your own way" or simply "Post in your own way" maybe

@Gargron @spla All of them miss the huge part of Mastodon being much more respectful to the user. In my opinion this notion is crucial to what and why Mastodon is.


I was thinking about it hours ago.
But my solution was not combatible with "verb-centric".

@Gargron something along the lines of "reclaim your feed" or "reclaim your media".

@Gargron Join the decentralized fediverse or something like that. I can't help compare it to twitter and theirs is "Share and discover everything that's happening right now" but I think mastodon should lean into the fact that it's still quite niche, but decentralized.

@stemid @Gargron

I agree with Stefan - the game-changing idea is that nobody owns it, nobody controls all of it. Otherwise it is just another garden-variety of micro-blogs.

"Mastodon: Out of Control"

Simple, short, attention catching, thought provoking, different from the rest.

Marketing gurus can spin this from masculine gorilla imagery (see pic 1) to heart-warming parenting emotions (pic 2). Less is more in marketing, imho ;-)

Actually, I thought TikTok's tagline was "We Never Met A Toilet Seat We Didn't Lick".

@Gargron I could be mistaken, though; I have heard the original rejected tagline was "When Your Shit's Too Stupid For YouTube".

@Gargron The social revolution will be decentralized.

@Gargron "Be tootful." as a pun on "thoughtful" but also encouraging tooting


Talk with your friends, without corporations trying to turn you into a revenue stream.

Own your own social space. Own your own conversations.

(I may be influenced by discovering that Twitter is currently tending to hide any links to Patreon, which is kind of terrible for someone whose main gig is 'drawing whatever the Muses ask her to, with the generous support of her patrons'.)

@Gargron maybe something in the direction of "share to the many or the few" could be a thing?

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