They weren't lying that spice sure is flowing. Kinda excited for this movie

@Gargron There are no words on earth to describe how hyped I am for that movie.


they'd better make the second part, or... or i shall frown a lot.

@Gargron Oh me too! I have Dine at least a half-dozen times. The original movie was terrible or maybe it was just Kyle McLachlan totally miscast. But this looks absolutely amazing!

@Gargron Oops, I meant that I have read Dune at least 6 times and all five books in the series.

I read one or two of the books when I was too young. I didn't understand them. Guess it's time to go back and change that.

@pingveno, IIRC, you need to get past book #2 to get to the thrilling stuff, it's kind of borring until that point.

@walter I finished with book one and definitely found it compelling. I'm enjoying the next books.

@Gargron I have grave reservations about anything from Warner Bros. They just can't keep their nose out of the director's way

@Gargron Have you seen the documentary about Jodorowsky's 'Dune'?

It's extremely engaging, like a vortex that spins you into a very wild ride.

@Gargron Is Lynch involved ? I kinda hope he is but am still excited about it regardless

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