'“A good vision for the metaverse is not one that a specific company builds, but it has to have the sense of interoperability and portability”, Mr Zuckerberg said, adding that there should be protocols like the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) internet standards for defining how experiences will be built.'


@Gargron I don't know why, but I can't read the news article. It only shows me the main homepage of Independent in Spanish.

@lightmat Thanks!

Those words by Zuckerberg seem pretty sus! I wouldn't be surprised if this metaverse thingy remained US exclusive for a while, either.

Well the clue is in the name, information about information. It's another attempt by Zuckerberg to define what the Web is. Define and then conquer it.

For anyone connecting the Metaverse with metadata, the Metaverse is about blending VR/AR technology with the internet:

There's no doubt that Facebook's interests lie in securing ongoing access to metadata and promoting structures where its capital can be leveraged to maintain market dominance, but that's not something Zuckerberg's going to through a press conference to talk about


Mark is so innovative, how come nobody came up with this idea before? 🤔


yeah, right, it sure is easy to follow someone's Facebook with site-agnostic technologies like RSS, and it sure is easy for my personal Wordpress blog to autopost to Facebook. Uh-huh. Pull the other one, Mark.

@anthracite @Gargron this could work. services like nitter work great for this. but true interoperability like with services like peertube are a lot different and allow for federated social interaction over just federated viewing of the posts.

@joeri @Gargron

There USED to be RSS feeds for Facebook accounts. I USED to be able to have my personal blog autopost to Facebook. I can't any more. I don't trust Zuck to maintain open protocols more than about five seconds after he decides he'll make more money by closing them off, unless he is legally obligated to.

I don't trust ANYONE to do that. If the instance I run turned into a major money source I'm not sure I'd trust ME to do that.

@Gargron interoperability between companies on a voluntary basis will lead to situations similar to the zero rating of streaming services. sadly international copyright regulations often get in the way of interoperability standards. though they are the only way forward if you prefer it over a government mandated social network.

@Gargron Clearly he's leveraged his enormous resources to do a great deal of research on this.

@Gargron Zuckerberg never had anything even remotely resembling a vision. Facebook is essentially the same service as a decade ago. Even the quotations from the article are just a vague mishmash of abstract ideas and buzzwords. Facebook's future will remain to be shaped by the fast-growing companies it will keep buying to stay relevant.

@Gargron translation: we think porn will be a HUGE driver of users to the platform, but we need someone else to get their hands dirty actually building those experiences.

@Gargron a good vision intended as sight is what reptiles have... and he's probably one of them. I mean look at his eyes, they give me the creeps

@Gargron Zuckerberg is facing a lawsuit soon ..personally I can't stand him after what he helped to do to the 2020 Election

@gargron like the time he killed XMPP for Facebook Messenger :blobcatinnocent:

@Gargron he's describing the fediverse like it didn't exist.

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