Picking a title for the App Store page is not easy. Just "Mastodon" is taken by someone - I can't find who or what. So needs more words. "for iOS" is redundant and not permitted. "Decentralized" is so long it doesn't leave any characters for the noun. Besides, I don't want any technical jargon. Any words that a random internet user won't immediately recognize. Twitch has it so easy with its "Twitch: Live Game Streaming". Short and clear.

if you were to follow down the twitch road, you'd get
Mastodon: Microblogging

@tost Yes, but sadly it's still kind of technical jargon. I bet most Twitter users won't recognize the word even though that's all they do...

@Gargron Or 'Mastodon Official App' or just 'Mastodon App'

The KISS rule might apply here. 😃 .

Wait, app names in the app store, the user-visible ones, must be unique?

@grishka Yes. But the actual app name on the home screen doesn't have to be.

@Gargron @grishka I did not know this and now some of the ridiculous strings people use make slightly more sense.

@Gargron I'm really hoping this app gets you one of those "featured" pages on the App store where Apple interviews you because that would be fucking epic

@Gargron If they do I'll be really happy and screenshot it and save it 4ever

That said, I've never really liked how 99% of mobile app listings have names in the form of "App Name: Description Purpose Bla Bla".

@grishka If I had a registered trademark I'd be able to submit a claim and get the simple name. Trademark registration in the US has been quoted at approx. $2k USD to me.

@val @grishka I'm not sure because the advice is US-centric, but Apple is a US-company and the name of the app is localized to English (U.S.)

@Gargron @grishka LiveOverflow got @lifeoverflow on Instagram through a trademark.
He only registered the German Trademark, but it still worked, maybe this helps:

@Gargron Is Mastodon Social Network too long? Mastodon Microblog, or Mastodon Network?

It's the kind of thing that would have made sense before I was familiar with it. Ah wait, Distributed might be unclear to those not in the know.

Mastodon Official App

All normies are suckers for official apps, even the fake ones.
@Gargron I think you're presenting an interesting but difficult challenge because let's face it, you want to avoid technical words but those technical words are what make the fediverse truly unique. :blobcatthink:


Thinking about the non-technical users that this app is specifically aimed at, I would go for:

Mastodon Social Network


1. Official Mastodon

2. Jastodon (Jean Mastodon)

3. Clucker

4. Mood

(Not all of these are serious suggestions.)

@Gargron WTAF it should not be that difficult! Maybe some variation on the word Mastodon?

@Gargron of course but "the app" meaning being part of Mastodon that is the main thing @avalos

@Gargron why not just drop the Mastodon from the title

Mastodon Social Network.
Mastodon: Connect, Communicate.
Mastodon: Find your community.
Mastodon: Connections that Matter.
Mastodon for Mobile


Mastodon: The Toot-maker
Mastodon: Toot! Toot! Toot!
Mastodon: Toots to Delight and Thrill
Mastodon: Toot Your Heart Out


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