Build rejected because it links to the GitHub of Mastodon which links to the Patreon :cate:


Waiting for Apple review on another build

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“Welcome to the App Store” :smug:
(It’s not live yet, but stay tuned)

@Gargron I hope Tim Apple Approves of it!!!!!!!
PROUD OF U!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if the question ist already have been answered, I'm pretty new in the Mastodon universe, but what ist about Android?
And by the way, thanks for the great work on Mastodon! I like it! 😁

AlexSittner, Tusky is a good app, it's not official, but it looks and feels like one.

Thanks, I use "Fedilab" and pretty happy with. But it is interesting what the original Mastodon-app would looks like...

@AlexSittner If I remember correctly, an Android app should also come at some point, but given limited resources and because the Mastodon third party apps for Android are in a better state than the iOS apps, iOS is first.

@Gargron wow, that was quite fast for Apple standards

sтυx⚡, they usually review in less than a day. Being an Android developer, it was always fun to look at my iOS colleagues wait for the verdict from the overlords. Was funnier when it was rejected for stuff like "we typed 'porn' into the search field and naked people came up, this is in violation of the won't someone please think of the children app store review guideline despite your app having 18+ rating".

@uther It’s the Swiss railroad company. I don’t know what exactly the letters stand for.

@Gargron @uther sbb stands for "schweizerische bundesbahn". The other letters are the same just for french and italian

@Gargron @uther ffs probably stands for (Ferrovie dello Stato / State Railways ) old sigle for Italian Railways, now there are more private companies even some is State Railways; but ,now own name should to be TRENITALIA (ITALIAN TRAINS ) FS was for sure old name of Italian State Railways. I don't know more .

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