What kind of name is SBB CFF FFS anyway, are you a train company or are you sneezing

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@MadestMadness That would be the appropriate name for Deutsche Bahn if anything

Eugen, is there a single country in the world where people don't hate the railway company? 🤔
I know many people who dislike our РЖД too.

@Gargron I tried to think of a back-formed real name and immediately got Stupid Bloody Bastard Cargo and Fucking Freight For Fuck's Sake

@Gargron multilingual countries have their issues with naming things :meowGiggle:

@Gargron i know a very good joke about sbb cff...

But in french...

Savez vous pourquoi les vaches suisses regardent les trains en meuglant tout le temps et très lentement...

Elles disent... Avec l'accent suisse !

Zzzzest Bâs Bossibleeeeuu !! (SBB)
Ça fâââ fiiiiteux...! (CFF)

Je vous laisse trouver une suite pour le reste...

Mais ya pas le feu au lac !

@Gargron SBB CFF FFS stands for Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen (SBB), Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses (CFF), Ferrovie Federali Svizzere (FFS). ... In other words, “Swiss federal train” in German, French, and Italian.)

@Gargron since I still can't remember what FFS stands for, I choose to remember it as "SBB?!? CFF, For Fuck's Sake!"

@Gargron when I had a gf in switzerland we always pronounced this as "SBB CFF For Fuck's Sake"

@Gargron the "FFS" refers to the swiss regulation that a train can't have 256 axles because of an overflow error in the signalling software

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