gonna do my best to get a “review” of Mastodon for iOS up today (the 31st.) so far, it definitely seems doable.

any thoughts on stuff I should mention/discuss?


@DavidBlue One potential correction: Being on the suggested users list is opt-in through the option that used to be called profile directory, but the list is not simply the directory. It’s a mix of most followed accounts and most-engaged-with accounts from recent times that post primarily in your language.

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@Gargron aha! thank you! there are a few other statements that require confirmation. am I right about x-callback URLs being the protocol used in the confirmation links that open within the app?

@DavidBlue I’m not sure of the name, but it’s the mastodon:// thing

@Gargron mm yes. that is *not* an x-callback URL, for the record. I’ll find out the technical apple term. I don’t understand how you all were able to implement it correctly while virtually every other app/service I’ve seen try it ends up with a broken result, but…….

@DavidBlue I'm not sure there is an official Apple term for it? I think it's a combination of universal links and an associated domains — developer.apple.com/documentat

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