And as I said, the app is open source. I’ll request a Crowdin project soon. However, just because it’s open source doesn’t mean that we’ll accept any change through PRs. If you want to be sure, contact me first.

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@grishka The iOS language has been Swift for a while now

@Gargron You probably answered this so many times, but will you port this app to Android too?

@Gargron some glitches. Nothing happens if you click on your “following” or “followers“ on your profile page

@vifon @Gargron You can not publish software under the GPL 3 on the App Store. However, you can dual-license software you fully own to publish it on the App Store as well as under GPL 3. The software you receive from the App Store will then not be licensed under the GPL 3, but the source code you download will.

@WAHa_06x36 @vifon @Gargron Then no one can guarantee what you download from the App Store is the same you get from GitHub.
There's no reproducible build possible (see,

Its usefulness is limited.

@aguasmenores @WAHa_06x36 @vifon You cannot guarantee what you download is what you’re looking at on GitHub anyway

@aguasmenores @vifon @Gargron Obviously not, no. This is not something the Apple App Store supports doing in any way. They do plenty of processing of binaries on their side, and what you download from them is unlikely to be what was uploaded in the first place, due to various thinning processes, and possibly even recompilation from bitcode.

If that is a worry for you, you download the code and build it locally, surely?

@Gargron I've made Mastodon-ios Japanese compatible, but is it possible to merge it?

The AppStore reviews are also asking for Japanese support.

@rinia We’ll add other languages as soon as possible! I need to check in with other developers about being able to merge your PR, there may be legal difficulties since we need to dual-license for Apple

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