@Gargron good morning hail satan did you drink the blood of your enemy's this morning ?

@Gargron moin🖖 master of mastodon.social
A little request can You add the vulcan salute in the custom emojis of mastodon.social ?
Please 🙏

@alm10965 If you search for "spock" in the emoji picker, it's there. I guess you didn't find it because you were looking for something with "vulcan" in it?

@Gargron there are different sets of Emojis in my Xperia ™ M2 (haven't it), OK in Xperia ™XA1 it's searchable by typing "spoc" and I can choose from graphical picker,
But 3rd option, which i mean, are the
in- instance - stored emojis,

is the right (concept) words for it



@Gargron yo!! had a chance to play Atom Wars mod in Dota2? 😉

@Gargron Good morning fine fellow! Today the head of a Discord server announced that the artist they liked turned out to be a terrible person, so I decided to comfort them and tell them there are artists out there that happen to be good people. Everyone on the server, it seems to me, liked that.

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