We reached 10K downloads of the official Mastodon app for iOS!

@Gargron Will you support the iPad? From mine it forces it into phone mode

@glitchwitch From what I gather iPad support and multi-account login are the most requested features (excl. the public timeline stuff) and we'll probably work on those next

@Gargron @glitchwitch It what somewhat ipad ready during BETA when I tested it then it forced the iphone version when the app was officially released.

See this:


Yes, I was wondering why there wasn't a Local or Federated timeline in the app. For the uninitiated, a note in Settings could be handy.

I also sort of miss the swiping I get in Safari. In short, apart from Notifications (and Apple Watch synching), I find I use Safari still.

[Found this by chance, apologies if what I wrote have been discussed to death already!]


@Gargron is this meaningfully transferring to net new users, or is this just conversion of existing users of the fediverse to a new client?

@Gargron out of curiosity why did you focus development on iOS and not Android? Are there more Mastodon users on Apple's ecosystem or was it because Apple has a richer demographic?

@Acaii It's quite simple, I use an iPhone, so I am more familiar with this ecosystem (although I used to publish my own apps on the Google Play Store many years back when I had an Android phone). I thought the selection of iOS apps for Mastodon was quite poor, with the best choices being behind a paywall (which is not very conductive to attracting new people). In contrast, I know that Android has Tusky (which I contributed the design to a few years back).

@Acaii Another angle is similar to what you mentioned, Apple traditionally caters to creatives (artists, designers, musicians and so on) and that's the demographic I believe we need to attract to make the platform more worthwhile for everyone else.

@Gargron i meant in the occams razor way of your explanation not the other definition of parsimony which is stingy.

@softappworld no he essentially said that because android already has a few well developed apps he started with iOS.

@Gargron hey cool, we android folks will just sit around like a bunch of douchebags, i guess

@healyn @Gargron I don't think your first message was asked for either but that doesn't mean you deserve to be called this way. That was a different level, from Mastodon's lead developer, someone you may have a difficult time not admiring anymore.

@af @Gargron this implies that i "admired" the wretched Eugen prior to this. my first reply was absolutely called for. someone needs to take this clown down a notch

@healyn @Gargron Then why do you use Mastodon and not Pleroma, Misskey, or honk? There are APIs, you don't need to use the web UI, even on desktops

It feels gratuitous to bring Gargron down because he's developed an iOS app and not an Android app, just do yourself a favour and stop using Mastodon if you've decided you'd hate every decision its lead developer makes

@af @Gargron thank you, i am going to use honk going forward

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