Preaching to the choir here but it's incredibly frustrating how it's impossible to link to a full thread on Twitter. Parts of it are always hidden in increasingly opaque ways.

@Gargron lol, is that the guy that kept ddosing those terrorist websites?

@Gargron My thoughts exactly when I was trying to read through it.

@Gargron I just ignore Twitter, like I ignore Myspace. If it's actually important, somebody will take a screenshot.

@Gargron jester? isn't that the fuckface who was against lulzec and #antisec movement ages ago?

(feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.but fuck that guy)

@gargron over time everything is becoming The Algorithm. Timeline is The Algorithm, search function is The Algorithm, you can't even view a single isolated tweet any more without a bunch of algorithm crap being inserted below. And increasingly aggressive if you don't have an account - popups on every page, can't click through links, can't view videos unless you refresh the page three times

@fraggle @Gargron Don't forget the hard push towards using their app, by making their mobile site basically unusable (especially if you're on limited data, what with their 20MB pages!).

One of only several million frustrations one encounters on Twitter, to be fair.

@Gargron people are not tech friendly, in italy it’s impossible to explain the fediverse to someone not knowing what a server is.
They want a product, easy to install, easy to use.

@Giustino @Gargron I’d say it’s common expectation. Service (user friendly interface) which will easily allow to connect with others. “Don’t make me think”

@Gargron I can see important bits on nitter, but if it's not shown on there it can be ignored...

@Gargron fb too. And with forced ads and debt buying.. I'm done. But you guys have to work on the soft anchor problem that everybody has.

@gargron I don't usually wish this on anyone but I hope that someone sends RMS this clown's home address so he can be personally schooled in how the AGPL works.

@Gargron That guy seems to have some aggression issues, how can someone muster so much beef towards the guy who made the thing he's using?

@Shes_Gabrielle @Gargron What a nice man for offering to report vulnerabilities and that for every new release!

@Gargron "They claim to be open source until you don't do it the way they apparently believe they can tell you to do it." what is this guy even talking about

@jeder He's not aware that you need a license to use somebody else's code and that licenses can come with requirements, such as the AGPL license which we use requiring the source code to be made available to the end-users.

@Gargron This is what you get for not going after Gab that time they panic-broke AGPL... (Kidding, I know this clown did it first.)

Seriously though, why use AGPL if you're not enforcing it?

@Gargron I wonder why they won't disclose their proprietary "addon" code.

I assume it's either shitty or stolen, perhaps even both?

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