Even after looking at the product page I'm not sure what the selling point of iPhone 13 is vs the 12

@drwho @Gargron They're still selling the 12 for at least another year and Apple are known for updating super old iPhone models (the 6S, released in 2014, is still getting the latest iOS updates)

There isn't any. It's still an obscenely expensive slab of glass and aluminum that's remotely controlled by Apple even after you've paid for it. Modern phones, all of them, are such a disappointment. I want to be excited about technology again.

@grishka Well, the 12 is pretty good. Not sure about the remote controlling part.

Eugen, not being able to install apps without any Apple involvement whatsoever is an absolute dealbreaker for me, as is the hard dependency on Apple servers (you can't get past the initial setup without an internet connection and an Apple server giving an okay). Having the ability to unlock the bootloader is nice, but not critical — didn't do that on my last 3 Android phones, but it gives me more peace of mind somehow.

And regarding hardware itself, there's my pet peeve about the lack of a headphone jack.

Purism Librem 5 could be a change. I have ordered one but yet to get my hands on it (with a friend now). It runs regular GNU/Linux adapted for small screen, no locked boot loader, hardware kill switches and more.

Pirate Praveen, yeah but they decided to reinvent the userspace for some reason instead of just sticking with AOSP... Besides, that thing is thicc. I guess someone could port AOSP to it tho? Shouldn't be that hard since Android is Linux-based. Why Android? Because a phone without an app ecosystem isn't very useful in the modern society, and we should be grateful that one of the two Big App Platforms™ is completely open source.

There are already some android phones which comes unlocked like or fairphone. Android is still tightly controlled by Google which I don't consider a good thing. So looking forward to Librem 5 and Pine phone gaining more users.

@Gargron exactly, the iPhone 13 have no interesting things compared with the 12

@thomasfuchs How much better is the camera really compared to the 12? I don't have a perspective on the numbers

@Gargron Honestly if you’re not into making movies and not into anything approaching professional photography the difference is moot.

@Gargron In General... all the new products don't actually accomplish anything new or better... remember FRY in Futurama? "Shut Up and Take My Money!" - I have an iPhone6 and it works great... does everything I want... Especially good for calling an UBER when I'm away from Home...

@Gargron It's one better! Also magical and revolutionary. Unless you hold it wrong.

@Gargron I guess the notch is a bit smaller now; but some Android phones are already on 2nd gen under-display cameras...

@Gargron if you have the 11-12 don’t bother getting the 13, but anything lower than the 11 is probably worth the upgrade.

@Gargron it’ll be an upgrade path for those still on a 6s or Xr. Those with a 12 will be happy for another year or two.

@Gargron EXACTLY what I was thinking. I want a new phone, but can’t see why the 13 is better than the 12, really.

@Gargron ARMv9-based SoC. Not necessarily for the performance but a few security features (MTE/BTI) that will be standards in the years to come.

@Gargron Yeah, this is honestly one of the most disappointing iterations of the iPhone ever. All you're getting over the 12 is a faster SoC, more base storage (thankfully!), and maybe a new camera unit. Honestly, this is one of Apple's more disappointing product launches. Out of all the new product launches, the most compelling one was the new iPad Mini, and that's because it actually made MEANINGFUL changes over the last iPad Mini!

@Gargron iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12/11? Not much, really.

iPhone 13 Pro vs everything before it? Worth every penny.

I say this, though, as someone who deeply values photography on an art level.

@Gargron Slightly smaller notch, a singular camera moved. That's it

@Gargron I guess if you have an old iPhone it may make sense but to update from a 12 is kinda stupid. So now Apple thinks you are guilty until proven innocent of being a pedophile and will break the security of the phone even more by scanning everyone’s pictures on their phone that they think they own. Disgusting and I can’t believe there’s that many sick people in the world to justify anything of the sort.

@spla @Gargron On hold but not cancelled, unfortunately. I’ve been involved in IT since 1983 and this type of scanning of anything is a recipe for disaster down the road my bad actors. I hope they do abandon it but so far they have not.

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