The Mastodon for TestFlight version now has multi-account login. The TestFlight invite on our Patreon still works! Though the feature will soon be available in the public release.

@Gargron Does the app support only Mastodon or does it also support other fediverse things like pleroma or Pixelfed?
(It's not a feature request. Just a question)

@narF Pleroma does use the Mastodon REST API but it is not our aim or responsibility to support non-Mastodon applications in the official Mastodon app

@narF I did a short test with Pleroma. The search hashtags and users screen does not work at all but what is worst, the app crashed. What I'm saying is not a claim because the official app for Mastodon is just that, for Mastodon, and works great! @Gargron

@Gargron off topic question, but is the count of how many people faved a toot instance wise or global? Because I always just see my own fav (count 1), when favoriting a toot, but I doubt that I’m the only person using this, when posts have 10+ comments. 😅

@Gargron Thanks for the multi-account feature. I’m still puzzled about that New Post button being on the top right (out of reach for the thumb). Any chance on moving that down?

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