Those on TestFlight with iPads, how do you like the latest build of our app? Is this the right design direction for the iPad?

@Gargron if you want my honest opinion. No, not really

The interface is confusing, the left side is too small, but I’m really not a fan of the multiple columns mastodon clients, and if you want to attract new users, I feel like this really won’t make the cut because this column interface is not how Twitter of Facebook is, so new mastodontes won’t be familiar at all with that kind of design.


I have an ipad and here are my thoughts. By default, the layout is similar to the advanced layout which leave a lot of empty space. It looks rather odd.

@Gargron It does get better as you click through profiles but the initial impression may throw people off.

@Gargron When I look at the web app on the ipad, it looks much better imo since it is more filled out.

Maybe some of this can be infused into the ipad version?

@Gargron The current design doesn’t make use of the huge multi-touch screen of the iPad. I would try a customizable multi-column design - Kinda like the modern web interface we use on PCs.

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