On an unrelated topic, you can do me a favour by playing around with @Eunomia's first public pilot for a bit over on

Just need some people to post stuff and press buttons and see how it works.


I am unable to connect to it with toot - the cli client.

Choose an instance []:
Looking up instance info...
This method requires an authenticated user


@selea @Eunomia You would not be able to use any of the EUNOMIA functions from Toot!, that would defeat the purpose of the pilot.

They do have their own iOS/Android apps, see blog post:


Ah! I have to do some reading to understand what EUNOMIA is then :)



@Gargron @Eunomia what kind of research does this ticker sign me up to take part?

@Gargron @Eunomia not interested...looks like a way to control information a way for unknowing people to be the "authorities" on what's valid and what isn't.

@Gargron @Eunomia Do you see any of the new code from this instance likely to move into future versions of #Mastodon?

@Gargron @Eunomia Taking a decent idea and adding Blockchain (through IPFS) to "decentralise" it, basically destroys the idea!

@dheadshot @Eunomia IPFS itself isn't so bad. It's just content-addressed torrent. Mind you I'm not involved as an engineer so I might be wrong on this but in my understanding Orbit is a blockchain on IPFS in the sense of being a merkel tree, like git. There is no cryptocurrency or mining involved. @neudre can correct me. As for decentralization, I think it is integral to the premise of Eunomia that it's not just one entity telling you what's true and what isn't.

@Gargron @Eunomia hey. i have a question. what happens when unsavoury people "trust" information that is factually incorrect like the ongoing anti-vaccination arguments and horses? for someone who was not previously exposed to that, i would see this post as "Artificially favouring trusted" when it is not?

would there be reddit like score on yay/nay style filtering? so like reddit any info that is "controversial" can be pushed ahead there?
@Gargron WOW! Eunomia is the Philology (Ecdotica, Hermeneutics and History of the manuscript tradition) applied to social networks! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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