I don't have a problem with most emoji short codes, but:

😄 smile
🙂 slightly_smiling_face

bothers me a lot.

@Gargron first is definitely almost laughing, second is just a smiley. Those short codes are probably not the best of all.

@Gargron 1) reminds me a bit of the fake happiness of Dolores Herbig from the tv show "Dead like me".

I'd also rather call the first "happy smile" or "happy grin" or "happy laughter", and the latter just "smile" or "smiling face".
With these two:
🙁 Slightly Frowning Face
☹️ Frowning Face
the "slightly" actually makes some sense.

😑 "Expressionless Face" is another that bothers me, as to me it looks more like an annoyed face than an expressionless one. Actually, it's the face I'm probably making while looking at the two emoji from your post and their descriptions.

@Gargron ‘slightly smiling face’ may or may not be the weirdest description of an emoji, but it is the weirdest description of one that I see on a regular basis, typically in any toast notification I get with the description rather than the actual image.

@Gargron The actual laughing emoji looks like a misnomer too. Unicode really needs a fixup.

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