Which SCPs would you recommend reading? I've read SCP-3930 and SCP-6280 so far

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@Gargron 2521 is a contest winner, and one of my favorites.


It does not look like much. But the "next" link at the bottom leads you down one heck of a rabbit hole. Have an hour or two available.

@Gargron if you want to change it up a bit, try 5031 (Yet Another Murder Monster)

@Gargron My favorite SCP-related thing by far is There Is No Antimemetics Division and its sequel, Five Five Five Five Five.

@Gargron I love SCP 3000 and recommend it to most friends who are SCP-curious

@Gargron Oh man, there's so many good ones on the wiki.

682 is one of my favorites, because the foundation never succeeds in killing it, despite many attempts.

055 is the "Anti-Meme", which is a fantastic concept.

076 is legitimately badass.

079 is a great nod to early computer history.

294 is a vending machine with some amazing uses and applications.

999 is adorable.

5094 is actually really wholesome and honestly amazing.

I could go on and on. There's so many. It's one of the greatest collaborative projects I've ever seen.
@Gargron Oh yeah, also:

2337 makes me laugh like crazy. They call him Dr Spanko.
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