Looking for an Android developer to work together with our UX designers on Mastodon's official Android app. Contract work, only remote. E-mail

@Gargron I'm good with Java, crap at Android's XML junk. 😔

I mean, I am an Android developer after all, and some people think I'm a good one. Others make fun of me for hating on Google and Kotlin.

@grishka Some Google hate is healthy, as long as it does not interfere with creating Android apps. You got a website where I can see your past Android work?

Eugen, heh it's more about Google's busywork. They keep inventing various useless abstractions on top of the raw Android SDK that is tbh good enough for all intents and purposes. Two Google libraries that are genuinely useful over what the SDK offers are RecyclerView and ViewPager, and even then you have to decouple them from AppCompat (Material design backport for 4.x), which I did in a fork. And they're fairly ancient in IT years.

Anyway. I don't have a good website yet. I was actually building one right when the current Telegram contest started a week ago. Android stuff I worked on in the last 10 years:
- Official VK app up to and including 4.0. There's a non-zero chance you've used it at some point.
- A Telegram app for a contest, second and third round (skipped the first one, had to catch up). I've actually had that on Google Play, but decided to unpublish it because of the protocol changes since 2016. In particular it stopped logging in users that have a password. As it's built on this tdlib library thing, I couldn't "just" update the library — it's based on a beta version of it and the API changes compared to current versions are not insignificant, requiring a lot of code to be rewritten.
- Android Wear (watch) official Telegram app based on a heavily stripped down and redesigned version of the above (unpublished but still works)
- A simple camera app for yet another Pavel's contest
- This subscription management app for a friend of an ex colleague as a paid-for one-off project (not sure if it still works).
- Not separate apps but various Telegram contests, like the one I'm participating in right now (that's why I'm not working on Smithereen right now lol).

Григорий, forgot to mention. All of those apps that I built from scratch use this lightweight boilerplate library with an image loader and this fork of AndroidX libraries. As a result, I'm able to fit something like 10 screens worth of app, including vector graphics, into a 1.5 megabyte apk!

@grishka Could you get in touch with me over e-mail

Dear Eugen@Gargron, I am interested and quite excited to be associated with you and Mastodon. I am sending you an email from my official mail id:

@AugierLe42e Mastodon for iPhone exists already:

And the iPad version is soon to be released if I'm not mistaken. @Gargron

@Gargron make sure to develop without relying on Google play services please for those of us that run Google free os'

It shall be available on @fdroidorg droid but I guess it was already planned.

@Gargron I think it's best to stick to progressive web apps.

When implementing cloud messaging, please consider using @unifiedpush - that way your users on Google can have their FCM, while those on F-Droid can pick the distributor of their choice (well, those on Play can, too). Thanks!

@Gargron supporting the idea to please publish an app that doesnt depend on google in any way. thank you.

@Gargron why not collaborate with existing android apps such as @Tusky

@rra @Tusky The developers are not available. Also, existing Tusky users would probably not appreciate big changes in UX.

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