"A Japanese research team said it developed a vaccine to remove so-called zombie cells that accumulate with age and damage nearby cells, causing aging-related diseases including arterial stiffening."


and where are they putting these zombie cells hmm

oh no


that seems like a waste of perfectly good genetic material for the Tyrant project. They wouldn't be so sloppy in Raccoon City.

@Gargron I do wonder if that would influence cancer rates.

@Gargron Yes, I see. There seems to be no news published in Japanese, but I'll read it when I find it.

I wonder what David Sinclair thinks about this (gotta tell him)

@gargron This really reminds me of #AlteredCarbon, a bladerunner like show in the nearish future where the ultra rich basically live forever through expensive medical science while everyone else just tries to get by while aging and eventually dying. Great show, by the way, even if the future it depicts isn't...

@Blort I think this should be accessible to everyone

TMAO has been shown to induce neuronal senescence(these zombie cells). I'm a firm believer that diet and lifestyle choices could wipe out 90% of our current medical problems. Wouldn't want to be the first in line for this.

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