it's a shame. the whole world is trying to limit itself and 'we' are doing exactly the opposite. 😞🤔

@Gargron That is a truly outrageous waste of fuel and added CO2!

it's an ugly common practice here at the Frankfurt am Main airport (Fraport).

all airlines do it. only lufthansa overdoes it and makes the headlines. the government should just ban it.


Do all major airports in the world do that? The damage and cost is staggering!

@gemlog yes, large airports with gate slot costs. i think so. as i said, a common practice. it is 💩😡


@kranfahrer insanity that they don't come to some agreement like "I will pay you $X to keep my slot" instead of actually-flying-a-fucking-plane....


however, the European Union distributes take-off and landing rights, so-called slots, according to the "use or lose" principle. If the slots are not used, they are lost.

yes, it's a shitty practice and extremely idiotic.🤦‍♂️

@kranfahrer well, I get that -- but "in these times" we've made all kinds of quick decisions: why not here, too? (like "for the next 6 months, instead of flying a real-actual plane, you can pay $X instead").
...but, hey, we built a consuming machine and it must be fed, so :shrug:

@Gargron "Fuck the environment! I need me those airport slots!" -- Lufthan$a

@Gargron Then those big corporations and governments keep telling us to have a shower in less than five minutes, consume less, not to travel, not to have an automobile etc.

@Gargron people responsible should be trialed , convicted and locked up. We've had enough of this bullshit.

@Gargron If they're going to do that, why not move freight around while they do it? They'd be making money, if nothing else.

@aral @Gargron Honestly speaking, I would ask how this can still be an international rule, after 30 years of international climate politics?

@aral How have regulators not relaxed rules?

As I think about this, a few possibilities occur:

The costs of lobbying regulators exceeds the costs of operating 18,000 flights. I find this ... unlikely.
Lufthansa calculated that by not lobbying for relaxed regulations and flying to preserve its own slots, it could enter into a war of attrition with other airlines, some of whom would have to sacrifice their own slots. The more I think of this, the more likely it seems to me.
The situation might have emerged over sufficienlty long time and with sufficient uncertainty as to not make the total costs clear.

I'd suspect that other major carriers might have come to similar conclusions and either not lobbied for relaxation or lobbied to retain slot-use requirements, again, for adversarial advantage.

I'm not sure what other explanations exist. I would expect that even "empty" flights would have had some cargo or similar component (training and flight-crew skills mainenance might be another benefit). But to the tune of 18,000 flights seems ... extreme.


@aral @Gargron Interesting to note from TFA: the 18,000 flights were apparently flown within a one month period.

That's 600 flights per day, as I read it. Even if we're talking multi-hop trips, probably something on the order of 100 aircraft flying spot-keeping routes on a daily basis.

covid economy environmental idiocy 

@dredmorbius I read before that rules were actually relaxed last year for a limited time so you could skip the filler flights, but for whatever reason this year it wasn't extended. Maybe they thought the pandemic was blowing over and people would fly again.@Gargron @aral

@aral @Gargron Because only dictatorships put people in prison for things that aren't illegal?

This is one of those things that makes me never want to hear about individual contributions to climate change again

@PNeurona @Gargron Add insult or more like additional injury to this major trauma by non-taxed kerosene.

@Gargron @F1RUM Well that accounts for a lot of carbon. My tower project doesn’t look so bad now eh? 🤦‍♂️

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