Work has commenced on Mastodon for Android with @grishka and @lickability 🙂

@Gargron @grishka @lickability absolute W for android users. I appreciate your work and of course, the contributors too.

@Gargron @grishka @lickability yes!! Lickability is amazing, good choice. (I’m sure Grishka is also 💯)

@Gargron @grishka @lickability Can we please get support for the local timeline this time? I realize you don't find it useful on your huge instance, but it's the main reason I bother to be a mod for my local instance.

If you don't want everyone to centralize on your instance, you need to provide people with an incentive to run their own servers, and the local timeline is it. If you don't support it in Mastodon apps, it won't exist for people on phones (most people).

@AlexSittner @Gargron @grishka @lickability The Mastodon for iPhone app doesn't allow you to view the local or federated timeline:

Given that Eugen has refused to even allow discussion on the GitHub issue for iPhone, I doubt he'll bend for the Android version, but I'll continue bringing it up because I think it's a serious error.

Goldmaster, there's no reason it wouldn't. The only dependency on Google services would be for push notifications, and it's an optional one.

@grishka ok, so if the app has the same signing key and is on fdroid and google play, then the apps could be updated by either store.

Maybe the app could check for play services use that and if there no play services then it would function in a different way.

Goldmaster, iirc f-droid builds apps on its own CI server and signs them with its own key. Also google now requires app bundles because of course it does, "size-optimizing an apk for a particular device" is of course very important right when everyone is done ditching bitmap graphics (sarcasm). And I don't have a good idea of how signing is handled in that case. So no, having the same key on both stores probably won't work.

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