Appealing moderation decisions against your account without having to go directly over e-mail will be possible soon and what if the appeal is rejected? would I be notified about that?

@Gargron lol. personal decisions made. but ads still in local... (and report button blocked...)

@Gargron not syaing that there were peeps showing publicly p*nises and all the rest...

@Gargron Will appeals be opt-in per server? (Can admin turn off appeals?)

@annika If you are concerned about abuse, only one appeal can be submitted, limited by characters, and only within 20 days of the decision. Since you got a notification about the initial report in the first place, this is a matter of potentially just one more notification.

Since people can complain to you through e-mail (and it is not advised to not provide a contact e-mail for legal reasons) I think it is in any case preferable to have that in the system instead of e-mail.

@Gargron @annika

Make appeals and federation opt in. It does not hurt you to do this.

Server runners don't another damn tax on their time from all the entitled nazis.

@emma @annika Over a long enough time and with enough people you are guaranteed to make moderation mistakes (Unless you just run a server for your friends in which case this will never be relevant to you). This is about giving people hurt by those mistakes a chance for them to be corrected. It's also about making your life easier so you don't have to wade through e-mails.

@Gargron @annika

Given that 99.999% of these appeals are in bad faith, it's not worth it.

@emma @Gargron I mod for a mid-sized Twitch stream and they're almost always a vector for additional harassment

Thanks @Gargron ! The appeals are notified to moderators by email or you should go and check from time to time?

@Gargron @annika wait, appeals are limited *within* a certain window instead of *after* a window? i'd understand asking for an appeal after some time has passed, not immediately after a decision has been made. in the latter case it would be even less likely to be considered, as the mod making the decision would still have their mind made up...

@trwnh @annika Some things become irreversible over time. 20 days leaves mods 10 days to review the appeal before e.g. a suspended account's data is completely gone, or posts deleted by the moderator are fully removed.

@Gargron @annika i think *within* is the wrong word then -- just to be clear, can you appeal the decision 0-20 days later, or 20-30 days later?

@Gargron i'm not sure i see the point, then. like i said, if you have an action taken against you, the mod who did so may still be heated/etc and unlikely to reconsider. especially if you can only send one appeal, this means the likely user flow is like so:

1. get silenced or suspended
2. appeal immediately (ie within a day)
3. have your appeal rejected
4. decision becomes final

this is simply not conducive to how people process perceived transgressions and requested forgiveness.

@trwnh Well, your appeal could be noticed by another mod, who is not heated. It could help reveal abusive mods. I suppose I could add a 1 day cooldown before you can appeal though, that seems reasonable.

@Gargron will you receive 51% of the appeals in perpetuity mr eugen sir

@Gargron Das finde ich klasse, würde die funktion sehr begrüßen.

@Gargron "What?! I received a boost?? What even IS a boost?! I object! I dislike high velocities involved in my online day-to-day doings!"

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