@Gargron the names of the flags are always shorthand so I never know what the flag is for hehe

@Gargron Oh cool!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking it was some island country or something and I didn't know it, but this is really neat. I had no idea!

@gargron @ocean

Why did they choose to make it a thin blue line flag, tho?

@jzzvid @ocean Because not everything revolves around the United States

@clacke well... i see thst this social media will becone political soon... for the now was technical... sadge ;-;

@Gargron will you add black and red flag? (It is a Ukrainian flag colored in red blood of warriors, and also it is a symbol of fight for freedom)

@Gargron I can never see any of the fancy emoji. Not when I try the ": ... :" codes, or in the compose box drop down. Am I supposed to do something, to be able to use them?
All I can see and use when I compose, are the blob cats, regular cats and the standard Unicode set. :cwy:

@arefgee You can see the emoji added by other instances, but when you're composing a new post, you can only use emoji your instance's admin have installed locally. If you want to use other emoji (e.g. this new flag) you would need to ask your admin to add it.

@drq смари, наша совместно сделанная фигня распространяется! Мы теперь крутые! :blobcatcooljazz:

// Хотя, ты и до этого был крут

@mo @Gargron @drq так, а что это за флаг такой, БСБ?

@mo @Gargron @drq блин, даже и не слышал о таком, но интересно

@mo @metallcorn @Gargron @drq Чото не пойму, как себе такой флажок в Плерому дёрнуть
@metallcorn @mo @Gargron @drq это синяя полоска на белой ментовской машине

@omega9 @drq @mo @Gargron моя первая работа была эти полоски вырезать на плоттере)

Вы иконку сделали или сам флаг придумали? :-)
@Gargron @drq

@utkorose я сделала первую крайне корявую версию эмоджика, предложила её @drq, а он подогнал пропорции и сделал красиво


@rysiek I saw you enquire about this flag last week but the thread hadn't yielded any strong elements one way or another last time I checked. Have you found good reasons to clear doubts about the iniative since then, or are you motivated by sheer optimism (which I'd totally understand, given the whole situation, we need optimism so bad) ? In particular do you know who "the people" are ?

@alice yes, it was explicitly banned from Putin's support rally a few days ago in Moscow (along with Nato flag, the flag of the USA, the Pride, EU flag, and some others).

Plus, Russians I know said they don't see any nationalistic/*phobic context to it, while they do see an interesting historical call-back of some sort.

It seems fine.

@rysiek I suppose you refer to the link to the "Novgorod Republic" ? I haven't found anything bad on that side either, so if Putin's banned it, at least it mustn't be some sort of esoteric supremacist shit. Thanks for having checked that.

@Gargron Finland without a religion or Russia under Finnish rule for a change? (historical perspective here) :D Great idea for a icon!

@Gargron я не вижу :(, но зато :zotero: есть 😅

Wow, cool.
It would also be great to add white-red-white flag of Belarus (Which is true flag of democratic Belarus unlike lukashenka's 🇧🇾 ). Idk if there Belarusians on this instance tho.

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