Interesting though that the Twitter share in response apparently surged up almost 10%, isn't it? Either shareholders thinking that a big marketing person has just entered the board of directors, or believing that lots other people will now want to buy Twitter shares.

Anyway, I am by all means suprised....

@christian_zerfass @Gargron You are giving the Musk cult too much credit. A lot of the spike was simply Tesla fanboys doing what they do, mindlessly following the leader.

@chrisod @Gargron

Fair enough. But that's what I mean: some people may believe he will be an attraction himself. You may like him or not - for current shareholders there is now an opportunity to sell with a 10% upper valuation. Even - and particularly - if they don't believe in Musk either ;-)

@christian_zerfass @Gargron Agreed! If I owned any Twitter outright I would have dumped it on the spike yesterday.

@christian_zerfass @Gargron it's as if "platform stockholders' interests" and "platform users' interests" were largely not aligned. :thinksphere:

@christian_zerfass @Gargron If you buy a lot of shares that means you need to buy them from someone, which means you need to pay their spread, which means the market price goes up. This is how the stock market normally works.

@clacke @Gargron

Musks purchase however preceded the surge. Thus his buy order itself was not causing the market movement, but the announcement afterwards.

The purchase was reported (thus had been already completed and was now filed) on the 4th April

The surge happened exactly after this reporting was published (screenshot attached, taken from ensuing link, right the Mon 4th April surge)

@jec He became Twitter's new biggest shareholder and has been appointed to the board of directors just a day later.

@henshaw @Gargron Great opportunity here for some growth of new users in the coming months. Official apps will be perfect timing.

@Gargron another Nail in the Coffin for Twitter, thanks to Elon Musk. 😅

@Gargron yup, I’m dipping my toe in Mastodon waters to see if I can make the switch.

@Gargron Everything picks up after Elon does something positive or negative haha

@Gargron I've heard about this platform in the past, but this might become the moment when I find a new home here instead.

@Ductos @Gargron Welcome to the social media revolution 😎 tell all your friends!

@Gargron I've had an account here for several years, but I've rarely used it, because the people I interact with aren't here. Maybe I just need to make some new friends. 😀

I found at least some mutuals here, which eased the transition.

Might be a good moment to ask friends for mail address via DM on Twitter in case they move elsewhere?

@RyunoKi @Gargron
i know of a couple, but one said "Mastodon is too much work. It might be the solution, but I doubt it", and the good communities I know that have given up on Facebook and Twitter have all moved to Discord.

Discord bothers me because I find the channel structure a bit overwhelming, and of course they are in buyout talks with Microsoft.

@RyunoKi @Gargron Correction. I just did a news search. They WERE in buyout talks with Microsoft last year., but couldn't reach an agreement.

@Gargron hmmm why do you think that is? Mastodon instances censor waaaaay less than Twitter. You think Elon is going to have Twitter censor more?

@gargron *looks confused* Uhm, what has that person done now?

Opened a poll to ask for an edit button.

Oh, and became largest stakeholder a few weeks earlier.

@Gargron thanks sir for the alternative, i dont want elongated muskrat to rule over my bird posts. id rather toot on the perfect lovechild of discord and twitter :gnomeHey:

@Gargron my bad g hab nicht gesehen dass wir uns eine heimat teilen
aber ehrlich, welche anderen sozialen medien haben nen content warning button?!?!?!?! liebs hier, danke sir

I think people want more transparency & control over their data

@Gargron I joined yesterday too. The Elon news was really just the straw. It’s hard to know if I’ll keep using Mastodon, but it’s worth trying to get over the learning curve of walled garden to whatever the hell a fediverse is.

Quick primer: Mastodon is a technology that can be used to make social networking websites that interact to make a bigger social network. There are many similar technologies and these can pretty much all interact with each other and with Mastodon. The resulting social network of social networks comprises hundreds of technologies spanning thousands of websites and is called the "Fediverse" (its users are sometimes called "Fedizens").

@Gargron how is the projected economics of scale? Can the current donations handle a large influx of video and photo posting users? Thinking about storage and bandwidth costs if things get even more popular…

@Gargron unfortunately that won't bring the best kine of users here …

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