Guess what! Mastodon’s official app was finally approved and is now on the Play Store.

F-Droid submission still being processed.

Congrats! Onto bolder frontiers. I'll check it out.

@Gargron Another app, it's great.
Are there many differences beetween this new app and Fedilab @apps and Tusky ?

@Steve12L @Gargron @apps

I read that the official app is mostly targetted for new users and people coming from other social media. So design and simplicity have more attention than advanced features.

@didek @Steve12L @Gargron @apps

This was my take on it as well. As far as I can see, there is no way to log into multiple instances at the same time.

@didek @Steve12L @Gargron @apps Oh, nice! Thank you for letting me know! I'm also trying to figure out how to switch to Local and Federated feeds.

@varpness @Steve12L @Gargron @apps

You can't get federated feed and propably it will stay that way.
In my opinion this is good for newcommers, federated timeline can me spammed on some smaller instances.

@didek @Steve12L @Gargron @apps

Oh, that makes sense.

I did notice that some instances which are walled off from the rest of the fediverse are inaccessible from this app. I can see this being problematic for churches or other groups who would like to harness the power of Mastodon but wish to keep their memberships selective and communications within the group.

@didek @Steve12L @Gargron @apps True. Tusky is much better, but the official app is simple and fantastic for reaching the mainstream audience and getting new users into Mastodon. It has now put Mastodon on the map as a social network which is really exciting.

@Nour @didek @Steve12L @Gargron @apps New user here. Checked it out once I found out the Android app was available on Google Play. So how can I get a quick tutorial on how to use this platform?

@Steve12L Trivial onboarding, lightweight, "product" look and feel for people who can be reached by this kind of arguments.

@apps @Gargron

@Gargron @Mastodon Oh yeah I missed the Enter URL part of the prompt XD

@xypnox @Gargron @Mastodon was also a bit broken for me, though. i couldn't press next as there was no search result to select and when i pressed enter i got the sign up form instead.
i went back and this time my instance was actually showing up in the results, so i was able to select it and proceed. this time i was able to authorize my existing account via oauth :)

@xypnox @Gargron @Mastodon Yes, I completely missed that too! I think it would be better to have an obvious choice between "log in" and "sign up".

@xypnox @Gargron @Mastodon Hmm, even when I enter the url for my instance the "Next" Button is still disabled. How can I connect with an existing account on an instance that is not in the list?

@xypnox @Gargron @Mastodon Both "Log in" and "Get started" open the same dialog for me...

@xypnox @Gargron @Mastodon Oookay I managed to get it working (I'm typing this from the official app, seems great so far!).

I had a few issues with logging in:
- "Get started" and "Log in" open the same dialog as far as I can see. This really confused me.
- It was not obvious to me at all that I could enter an instance URL in the search bar. I think it would be good to indicate that more prominently than just in the placeholder text.


@xypnox @Gargron @Mastodon

- I first entered my instance with the "https://" at the start which lead to the error "Invalid URL host" which is pretty confusing for non-tech persons (What is an URL host? And why is it invalid?)


@xypnox @Gargron @Mastodon

- When I correctly entered only the host part of the instance URL I could submit the input using the keyboard, but the "Next" Button was still disabled. An entry for my instance appeared in the list below the search input, but that was completely blocked by my keyboard, so I did not notice that. Is that step really necessary? If I enter an instance URL manually, it should not be necessary to select it from a list.


@Gargron wdym it's still in submission, I'm already using it since yesterday

@heluecht @Gargron Yeah, already got a sign-up from Android according to the stats page... :)

@Gargron @ij And I saw several API endpoints that I still have to implement. I guess they had been added recently.

@Gargron first "bug" detected. The field to enter the server URL isn't marked as URL so it capitalizes the first letter after dots and keyboards add a space after the dots too.

@Ursalzona @Gargron they're VERY different clients. the official mastodon app was built from the ground up and has more twitter-like discovery features, while tusky respects more traditional fediverse features. (multiple timelines for instance)

@Ursalzona @Gargron totally ok! honestly i think the main reason why the official mastodon app was made was to get more people to move here more easily

@Gargron how can i see the followers of a user in the android app?

@Gargron Fantastic, good job and congratulations to all of us!


So we better wait for FDroid to announce and deliver. :))

@Gargron Keep seeing this in my feeds BUT on my phone the app does NOT show up. 😕

@Gargron Installed, rated, recommended. Where to best voice feature requests? 😉

@Gargron Is there a way to view the federated timeline? I can't see such an option

@jcolson I would say in terms of design, definitely. In terms of features, it has all the basics, but it being a first release means some edges are a little rough still

@jcolson @osslate

Tusky has more features, the official app is simpler and aimed at new users.

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