Mastodon's monthly active user numbers have risen by 84,579 since the Twitter buyout story broke on Monday (and I do mean across the Mastodon network, not this server)

@Gargron What sort of percentage is that vs before the Twitter shenanigans?

@Gargron Just Googled it... says... 4.4M. This shows only a 2% bump... Interesting.

@Gargron count me in 😜
But forreal, grateful folks are exploring the possibility space. There’s still so much to come!

@Gargron I'd like to welcome all the new users! Feel free to follow & ask me if you have any questions!

@jonas @Gargron it’s not the most user-friendly and takes a bit to get started and really have it click. But everyone so far has been really supportive and helpful and that’s what a lot of people are looking for. Fingers crossed ppl find their niche

@moonlightsiesta I've been seeing a lot of #introductions (or #neuhier, in the German corners) and trying my best to help people out the past few days. Let's give everyone a warm welcome.

@Gargron 🚀 to the mesosphere!

*then* the exosphere. We don't want to hit escape velocity too fast, lest the software explode.

@Gargron and I hope it keeps on growing! Everyone I've talked about why they won't use Mastodon did that there are no active users here so I hope we can prove them wrong

@gloopsies @Gargron quite the opposite really, users here are terminally active

@Gargron why do I keep getting this on "Local" and "Federated" view on my Tusky app?

@nonordinarytiles These timelines require some of the heaviest database queries to display, so I have disabled them here to make everything else work faster.

@Gargron Got it. But how am I supposed to find new accounts and follow new people? I use these views mainly to find new content.

@nonordinarytiles Check out the explore tab! I don't know if Tusky has added it yet, but we have an official Android app that does have it. Or the web app.

@Gargron @nonordinarytiles I hope this is temporarely, as new users are going to have a harder time finding accounts to follow without even federated timeline

@Mek101 @Gargron @nonordinarytiles maybe should stop accepting new users at all to cope with the load a bit better and to distribute the wave more evenly. Seems like many people just go for because they can not really differenciate that it's only one of alle the instances and that they could select more or less arbitrary between them because of federation...

@jr AFAIK stopped accepting new users some time ago, directing them to 👀 and now if you try to enter from a browser, it redirects you to

@nahuel yeah just looked it up, if you try to sign up it directs you to joinmastodon, thanks @Gargron

@Gargron @nonordinarytiles También es posible encontrar gente interesante buscando por etiquetas, los temas que más nos gusten. Así es como yo descubro, tanto publicaciones, como personas, que tratan sobre los mismos temas en los que estoy interesado. #⃣

@nonordinarytiles @Gargron If you explore or click on the and hashtag, you will find a lot of people. Bonus... they are talking about what they like and are interested in socializing about.

@nonordinarytiles Join a different instance, is so large that (as you've found) it offers a degraded experience.

@Thor73 Aha, danke! Es kommt also wieder. Kann ich aufhören zu jammern.

@edithmair ich dachte schon fast
»was hab ich denn jezz wieder kaputt gemacht ?«

@Gargron THX ... but - as i said a few minutes ago - on a PC it works well ... they are only not displayed on Smartphones.


@Gargron ill keep this in mind for my little 1 core vm server 😅

@Gargron @nonordinarytiles These timelines are not custom-tailored to each user, right? Everyone gets to see the same 'local' timeline?

Then maybe it would be a nice feature if #mastodon could periodically (say once per minute?) pre-generate this timeline, and then everyone gets this cached timeline for the next minute.

Might be a nice "first aid measure" for overloaded instances?

@tinloaf @nonordinarytiles That's the problem, it's not pre-generated but it does have to be tailored for everyone according to mutes, blocks, domain blocks, and language filters.

@Gargron @tinloaf @nonordinarytiles most clients are running on massively powerful devices that are more than capable of filtering a few hundred items at a time. The server does not need to filter timelines for clients. As you say, it has a huge resource cost, so why do extra work to put that load on the server?

@rolenthedeep @Gargron @tinloaf @nonordinarytiles This would still have the network load though. Also, transmitting blocked content might be a data protection issue. Also, never assume that everybody can afford a powerful device.

The only thing I can think of on the top of my head and what you're maybe doing already is to pregenerate the full content on the server and then calculate the filters on the server before transmitting.

@gunchleoc @Gargron @tinloaf @nonordinarytiles we're talking about filtering text here. It really isn't that demanding unless you're doing it for thousands of users at the same time, which is the case presently. Bandwidth is also negligible if you only fetch media after filtering toots.

*any* device capable of accessing mastodon in any way is capable of this task.

@Gargron @nonordinarytiles And if a few of the new users joined patreon or otherwise donated, would that help you get these feature back online sooner?

(I ask as I have the patreon page open and I'm trying to decide which tier to support at.)

@Gargron @nonordinarytiles I genuinely would not have stayed on this platform longer than 30 minutes were it not for the local and federated timelines.

You're really missing the mark here. Don't be like Elon, we do not like Elon.

@Gargron I remember when the WhatsApp / Facebook acquisition happened and there were few days where people moved to other messengers (Threema in particular). I hope this won’t be a similar situation but more people adopt and stick to Mastodon (etc.)

@gargron does that include the instances that have blocked

@zatnosk Yes, presumably, though I am not aware of any such servers and doubt it would make a difference on the numbers.

@Gargron It feels like this is a good indication of how people would quite like to have safety and respect on their networks.

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