Yesterday's stats: 3,007 alive Mastodon servers, 3,116,319 registered Mastodon users, 478,046 active Mastodon users

If you see larger numbers cited it's possible they include the whole fediverse, but accuracy tends to be lower in my experience

For example includes Diaspora* and Matrix numbers despite them being separate networks entirely

@Gargron Without the context, suddenly reading 'Yesterday's stats: 3,007 alive 'was the most ominous thing on my timeline lmao :artghost:

@Otherbuttons @Gargron ohh yes even I got confused by the line breaks 😅

Read it as "3,007 alive/Mastodon servers: 3,116,319/registered Mastodon users: 478,046/active Mastodon users" 🥴

Then I was like "hey wait that doesn't add up—how can there be so many more servers than registered Mastodon users?" 🤔

Anyway—great to hear the news, and the fact that we have more than 3,007 alive makes it even sweeter 🤪

@Otherbuttons @Gargron I was thinking of President Roslin’s whiteboard with the human count on it in Battlestar Galactica. How are these stats collected? Seems like non-federation could result in dropping a lot of active users.

@Gargron I always wonder about the "alive" servers :blobcatgiggle:

Are those the "known" ones in the network? I mean there are always a few that aren't connected still right? Plus the ones that have limited fed perhaps?

@Gargron sorry wanted to use that emoji for a while now (:

@Gargron If I may ask, what info source do you use for the Masto network?

@Gargron Oh that's awesome! Is that public code by any chance? :blobcatgiggle:​😇 No worries if not!


I am assuming the opposite but: does your crawler also include other Activitypub based services like: peertube, pleroma, misskey, plume, etc ?


@Gargron So in other words, you're counting everything in the same network as mastodon, as mastodon?
Actually with those numbers probably not.

@Gargron site, which I have not seen, is obviously running on fumes. @dansup has another site going doing some of this work. There is also this for example: As well, I used to use another site for Fediverse stats that was the best in my opinion. I cannot quite locate the URL right now but many months ago I had looked and it was partially down. My point is - obviously the principle of ActivityPub and the Fediverse is not to centralize and yet good stats remain key.

So this is no accurate? If so, where does it get this info?

@Gargron , and what about the rest of the Fediverse? 😉 We all belong together.

@Gargron What's the thin line between being considered an active mastodon user and a kind of salt statue one? 1 interaction/month? 1 login/month?

@ranx Yes, it just means logged in in the last 30 days

How much it costs you to run @Gargron ?

@Gargron With the Cheeto Jesus apparently set to be let back onto The Bird Site, I wonder how things will transpire with 2 "more money than brains" types there.

@Gargron It looks like your patreon contributions have cone up as well. Hopefully it is enough to help cover your current costs.

@Gargron Can we access that history somewhere? I'd like to chart the growth of Mastodon, and ideally of the fediverse overall.

@mpjgregoire Hmm yeah that'd be very interesting to know, has some stats but also not a good over-time dataset anywhere on it or linked to it from what I can see

@keithzg I'd like to see some trend lines, and in particular to see if Mastodon is growing exponentially.

@Gargron Curious: how are "Active Mastodon users" identified? Over what period of time? Thanks.

@Gargron how many active users in servers listed at:

Any chance you could track this over time directly from that site? ❤️

@Gargron What is the definition of ‚active Mastodon users‘?

= Concurrent Users?

@Gargron I'm curious about how many were there 2 months ago, do you know a ballpark?

@Gargron just wondering, what is classed as active? I don't post much but check the app regularly.

@Gargron das wird noch richtig bunt hier 🙌🏼 neu dabei und sehr gespannt.

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