Language selection is now available in the Mastodon web app. Make sure your posts are seen by people who understand them!

Supports quickly finding the right language with fuzzy search and remembers your most frequently selected languages.

@lashman it already was for 2 days btw. he told too late ;p

@hacknorris well it was in testing, now it's officially available :P

@Gargron will it be implemented in the android app as well?

@Chrtz @gargron I'm using Tusky and it appears to work just as well as from my web session.

@Gargron i remember you talking about this years ago.
thank you, that cant have been trivial.

@Gargron I can see all the languages by default still, right? I like seeing all the languages, it's very confy

@juliana Your home feed is not language-filtered. Other discovery mechanisms may only show you content in your interface language.

@Gargron will there be an option to show all languages? Keeping up with the local is important to me since I chose this instance for its community, and we have five, six languages show up regularly.

@Gargron @juliana does this just go off what language you have your browser in? Is there a way to let Mastodon know what languages I can understand? I can't see any setting for that anywhere.

@Gargron darauf habe ich gewartet - vielen Dank!

Ich laufe öfter in das Problem, dass ich zweisprachig poste und meine Posts aber wegen meines englischsprachigen UIs wahrscheinlich weniger von deutschsprachigen Usern gesehen werden.

@Gargron interesting, i am implementing something similar. How does it federate?

@stux There still seems to be the issue of two x's appearing where there should probably be just one. @Gargron

@Gargron Good thing that "CW" is not an assigned ISO 639-1 code 😁

@Gargron I am still seeing languages other than English when that is the only one selected in the section that says
"Public timelines
Filter languages
When checked, only posts in selected languages will be displayed in public timelines"

@Gargron Will this be available in the Android app anytime soon?

@Gargron I've defined my few languages of choice in my preferences already. (If Masto doesn't filter my timeline as you wrote here, I don't get what for.)

Why not auto-detect and suggest toot language among those preselected langs using stopwords with user override possibility? I detect blog article language between EN and DE using that in my blogging software.

@publicvoit @Gargron I wish there was a quick link in the interface to translate posts. I find it valuable to follow a diverse group of people (that includes people who speak languages I don’t understand) :)


[fr-FR] un langage seulement par pouet !?

[EN] One only language / toot!?


@FF255 Oui, ça peut servir notamment dans les instances ayant des comptes multilingues comme l’instance de l’Union Européenne ou sur un serveur Mastodon d’une université :)


Ça "peut" (actuellement) ou ça "pourrait" (en cas d'amélioration de la fonctionnalité) ?


@Gargron nice, thank you!
It could be improved even more. Nobody can write in all the languages, most people can in two or three. So only a few items in this language list are ever relevant to each user.
Maybe language list could use only manually chosen languages? Or it can be pre-filtered using the same language filter we use for reading?

@Gargron Doing this explicitly as a courtesy for followers is a capability that I have missed on the birdsite, though the algorithms seem to get it right most of the time. Looking forward to trying it here!

@Gargron is there a way to select more than one language? I'm writing German + English on one account , but if i choose one, people who filter, either don't see stuff meant for the german writing community or or the worldwide art community on my server.
I often even have the description in both languages in one toot
I chose English for now, cause most germans speak that, but ppl more interested in only german writing stuff for example, won't see my #ed posts, when i set the language to Engl

@Gargron then i have to hope that the germans didn't kick english as language.
Do followers also don't see my posrs if written in "the wrong language" if they havw a filtersystem for language on?

@uddelhexe_ Home feed is never language filtered. Mostly the language affects the explore tab.

@Gargron Not really sure.. But for example, I would love to find some more ppl from the NL but neither search not the user dir gives some options I think?

I don't want to set my account pref to only English and Dutch for that but do want maybe a lang dropdown on hashtag search results? I dunno..

(since our search is limited to interacted etc)

@stux The explore tab would give you Dutch content if there was any

@Gargron Ah got it! But that's according to my interface language correct? 🤔

@Gargron Ah okay.. Thing is.. :blobcatgiggle:

Since we got Explore im over on English UI lang since we've never had anything Dutch trending :sad_cat: )posts or links) so it's very sad there

I hope in the future we can also change the iOS app lang :)

@stux One of my next goals is to rework how trends are stored to allow retrieving more than one language, because currently the explore tab is empty if there is no activity in your interface language.

@Gargron That would be awesome!😄

I always post in English but often only see my posts in trending under English :blobcatgiggle: Makes sense but also not!

Filling it with other lang trending if none if available in UI lang would be totally okay I guess :blobcathearts:

@DarkWraithLord @stux Mastodon doesn’t know your physical location, so this will probably never be a thing

@stux @Gargron What i find disfunctional in search is that it seems to only search on hashtags. So if i think to be smart in e.g. finding dutch people, i search for a dutch word that is currently in the news. But of course no one talking about it thinks of making the word into a hashtag. We need full text search.

@QuantumAspect @Gargron Well.. there is!

But full-text search works only with YOUR toots and the ones YOU interacted with

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