Mild satisfaction from seeing Bitcoin prices crash. Make that shit a stablecoin by dropping it to $1

Paradoxically, what makes crypto strong and useful is being worthless.
It's useful when it protects wothless data, because then, if you want to break it, you might have a lot of work for nothing, and so it's no longer worth the trouble.
Which means that if you want to protect data that is indeed critical, there might be less people trying to hack it.

@Gargron need a “extremely favorited” icon for that

@Gargron Maybe I'll be able to replace my 5 year old 1050ti...

@Gargron fwiw “stable”-coins are more about at about $0.01 to 0.20 a dollar now

@Gargron kinda sad seeing people trashing bitcoin when it was built for good reasons people just don't know about.

@Gargron I confess, I did try to buy bitcoin when it was $20 but curiously almost all of the Canadian vendors wouldn't accept e-payments, they demanded cash in person and the nearest to me was two hundred kilometres away. The others weren't responding to email inquiries. So modern, those folks. Heck, back then you could even buy weed online with e-payments!

I see you use metric system. I just wanted to tell you I respect you good sir. Thanks for your service comrade.

@arh I live in Canada. We use ALL the systems. I think we even have a case where we use the Pyramid Inch! 🤣 And while we sell beer and spirits in metric, the bottles and cans themselves are even pints and ounces, but labeled with the odd-figured metric equivalent.

This makes it very easy for us to detect spies. We don't actually /do/ anything to the spies we detect, maybe hand them a beer, invite them for coffee or give them a top post in the RCMP, but it's good to know who they are.

> We don't actually /do/ anything to the spies

Canadians being polite, to the level of giving spies beer. :)))))

@arh just so long as they don't bring bouncy castles. We do not tolerate bouncy castles, they pose a public threat.

This coming they fear bouncy castles might return to Parliament Hill. Ottawa says to expect the largest police presence ever.

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