Somebody gave our Android app a 1-star review on the Play Store because "there is LGBT" [sic]

@Gargron some people are facing really interesting times to come I guess

@gargron Just think of the Yelp review they are going to leave for Outside™️​

@Gargron The bar to having an opinion is lower than the bar to graduating high school, or even middle school, really.

Must be one of those weirdos who say "this is an amazing app, thank you very much" with 1 star

@Gargron I'm sorry. It feels like the bigots are more strident.

Clearly, this is a mental giant. *sigh* 🙄

Did he explain exactly how your app was supposed to prevent LGBT? #EnquiringMinds

@Gargron Don’t let people like that bother you. Life’s too short to let haters ruin it.

App looks nice, but there are other people in it.

@Gargron congratulations on your excellent app and for fostering an LGBT friendly community. Don’t let people like that troll making the review pull you down.

Mastodon is an excellent platform, and if the android app is anything like the iOS one, the app is excellent as well.



@Gargron guess what their religion is. No surprise if muslim who gives that kinda comment, because they are the biggest haters in the world, what do you expect from neo-nazi religion which invented by a psychopath & pedophile prophet 🙄

@flutergork @TomboyGirl_id @Gargron
I wouldn't link it to a specific religion, it's usually linked to the fundamentalism level of the religion practice.

Fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, … as much as they hate each others, have surprising many common things between, e.g. LGBT hate, or more general, hating anyone who does not 110% conform to their idea of perfectness.

@yacc143 @flutergork @Gargron totally agreed, the basic foundation of abrahamic religions is hatred of others who are different from them, even they hate each other amongst themselves just because they have different organization or diff mazhab or diff sect. I'm referring to . Abrahamic religions are toxic as hell, inhumane & barbaric. Homosexuals EXIST long before the abrahamic religions being established, yet they want to kill all people. How peaceful their religions are. 🙄

@yacc143 @flutergork @Gargron from all abrahamic religions, is the worst & most evil religion that ever exist in human history, I mean what do you expect from psychopath & pedophile prophet who "copying" the teachings from before & make it even worst religion

@TomboyGirl_id @Gargron really great of you to take this chance to be this islamaphoc in public👏🏼 🙄

@atomicbutterfly @TomboyGirl_id @Gargron The entire western world has been Islamaphobic for at least the last 30+ years.

@TomboyGirl_id @Gargron Just going to say that's some nasty Islamophobia you have going there and, news flash, none of the Judeo-Christian faiths are particularly good about it. Christianity happens to be the biggest of them, so uh, just by the sheer odds, maybe unpack why you'd think it's something from a very small minority of the English speaking world than the vast majority of religious people?

@bluestarultor @TomboyGirl_id Looking at their bio, the person you are replying to is an LGBT person from a majority-Muslim country.

@Gargron Fair enough, and I understand why there's good reason for anger there.

I can admit when I'm wrong. how did you manage to turn a post complaining about someone being homophobic into you being islamophobic

@Gargron from what I gathered from LGBTQ+ friends on Twitter those who used Mastodon before encountered hatred and bigotry toward them which included bans and smears. I understand the instance admins set rules and guidelines though its given Mastodon a reputation as trans/homophobic.

@Gargron app looked great at the start, later found out there were other people on it. One star. ★

@Gargron I mean, that's kind of a given that any social media app there will be people that are apart of many communities including LGBTQIA+.

The beauty of Mastodon is that you can interact with as many or as few people of any lifestyle, beliefs, thoughts, etc as you would like. People are getting a little weird, huh.

tbh there's really so much lgbt in your mastodon it's like … 


… super good. I love it here. haha are they gonna leave the world by committing suicide because LGBT exist on the world😅

@Gargron Just left a 5-star review with the text "there is LGBT"

@Gargron some people just make better fertilizer than anything else....

@Gargron Not that google would ever do anything but shouldn't such a review be removed on grounds of containing discriminatory speech?

@Gargron What is wrong with people? Sometimes I seriously wish I could just lay down and die rather than listen to this woke bullshit.

"there is LGBT"

fixed the review for them :blob_cat:

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