Finally a registered trademark 🙂

@Gargron Shouldn't it be Mastodon® if it's registered? Just using it as a trademark gives you the right to use ™.

Typical questions for learning what it means is:

Which country is it filed in?
What does it mean from top to bottom to have registered trademark?

(not just a link or 'quick overview' blog but the copy of template or text of contract would be ace (deleting details or just text so it's easier to post)

I'm not looking to hammer the news just most of this stuff needs reading / catches up (though I don't doubt you did it blind... though you said above "I am m new to this" but maybe that doesn't mean you did something with 0 knowledge)

Either way good to know and practise for smaller projects and those also new... I'm in for the education here and as I value Mastodon highly.

@Gargron Can other instances still use the Mastodon name? (E.g.,

@admin I intend to allow use in domain and subdomain names as long as the software running on that domain is Mastodon. The full guidelines are still being worked out. But "Mastodon" has always been a trademark, whether registered or not, so in that sense nothing has changed.

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