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Creative block as to how the Mastodon /about page should really look. Don't want to make it too similar to, or people might get confused. But I love the design so much now


When your "how it works" section is ready to summon Satan

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Shout out to @dopatwo for drawing all these elephants

@Gargron With the star being up that way I figured it was a shout out to the wiccans on here

@Gargron pretty sure that diagram is for summoning cutethulhu. The most adorbs of the cosmic terrors.

@dopatwo @Gargron (not to imply I don't think the graphic is good or something, I think it's great, and visualizing the network with a star shape shows how everyone can be connected well)

@soft_chomps The future of social networking for people named tom

@Gargron the hardest part of the spell is where to find multicolour elephants!


d'awwww! cute!

(and also anything that might help keep rabid zombie fundies away is a nice side benefit, IMO)

@Gargron Can we change it to six elephants so it scares and confuses neo-nazis?

@Gargron a loveable friendly Satan (a summoned Satan's disposition is directly proportional to how the pentagram is drawn)