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Eugen @Gargron

Why is my entire home TL today everybody going "epilepsy warning, turing drawing"

I'm not opening any of that

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@Gargron assuming you don't have photosensitive epilepsy, you should take a look

@jk i dont think i have but i dont enjoy flashing images at all

@Gargron if you click on 'random' maybe 20-50% of the images are flashing, hence the warning, but most of the ones people post aren't too bad.

assuming they have taste, that is !!!!!!!!

@Gargron they are all great, you're making a mistake :P

@Gargron these are drawings "made" by a turing machine.
Mostly random, can have interesting /good-looking results sometimes.

@Gargron it's a turing machine drawing, so it does flash a lot sometimes, but it's very cool


it isn't that the toots GIVE you epilepsy somehow or something, it's just that some of them have flashing patterns and bits and stuff and might be dangerous for epileptics


(it's just images generated by randomized rulesets -- some stabilize into immobile states, some stabilize into structured movement, most do the former, the ones that do the latter are rarer than you'd think)