@MightyPork @Gargron I agree the elephant and the eye would look great (as in without the m)

@Gargron slightly weird, but original and recognizable.

@Gargron it's really good! I do agree with the statements about the eye in the favicon, but the design is rly nice

@gargron oooooh man. thats actually great. makes for a recognisable symbol

@Gargron holy hell those are awesome!! Nice job to whoever made those. 👍👍

@Gargron the logo is awesome! The font can do a little work. Maybe capital M for Mastodon?

@Gargron ...
...make it...
...two mastodons kissing???

@Gargron the simplified icon makes me think of Gmail. The other two forms aren't too bad though.

@shel @Gargron maybe if there was something being an eye in the Simplified one?

@Gargron @shel something sorta, vaguely, like icosahedron.website/media/-YI6

(But. like. NOT done in 20 seconds with barely any thought into the specific different possible slight variations and hastily screenshotted out of GIMP.)

@shel @Gargron (If we do put an eye in the simplified icon, I think it might also go well to raise up the three dots in the favicon, so that the first dot is at eye level and also being an eye. So that we have the mastodon-head+eye as a theme. Maybe?)

@Gargron Voting for the toot button to be a small fartcloud.

@Gargron For whatever reason it brings to mind LOLGOP logo [1].

This logo is fine but association is questionable.

1: images.dailykos.com/images/228

@Gargron Je le trouve la boîte à dialogue trop attendu et risque d'attribuer à Mastodon une connotation de plate-forme MP. Surtout avec les trois points.
Pour ce qui est du M, peut être à cause du design de caractère, évoque un peu McDo.

@Troll Aïe. En fait comment sais-tu qu'il a été accepté. Il y a un moyen de suivre l'évolution graphique de Mastodon ?

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