Probably good time to link an article I wrote about how Mastodon's privacy/abuse features differ from Twitter's:

@Gargron dude you should seriously offer consultancy/setup services as a way to fund the project, think Github Enterprise

@tobypinder i already offer it as a patreon tier as well as, well, you can ask me

@Gargron I have seen that, was more meaning some kind of more company friendly pages though... the brands, they get so confused :grinning:

@Gargron I think there is an opportunity for activist groups like BLM, animal rights groups, and any others who are silenced by mainstream platforms to host their own instances. I'm silently working on the animal liberation one in the background; the news ability to see a local timeline is killer and brings so much value. Next is convincing activists why Twitter/Facebook is evil and why their privacy matters.

@alexgleason @Gargron ive been thinking about introducing masto to my local DSA, but what makes masto better/worse than something like Semaphor?

@mkosler @alexgleason It's better for megaphone purposes, but I am not sure it's better when secrecy is required (encryption &co)

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